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Newark Veterans Benefits

Veterans have served our country, and when they return home, they deserve the best treatment. Fortunately, Newark has plenty of opportunities, services, and programs that benefit veterans of all kinds. These programs might include health care services like mental health programs or substance abuse assistance as well as services for disabled military members. There are also housing programs and job training and support.

Newark-Area Health Care for Veterans

Sometimes, veterans don’t realize they are eligible for health care or don’t think the VA can cover their health needs, but that isn’t true. The VA states that any active duty military member or veterans with a discharge other than dishonorable can receive health care through the VA system. This also includes those that served with the National Guard and the Reserves during a federally ordered service period. All applications will be accepted but there is a priority group listing, and all requests are based on that.

There is a VA medical center in Lyons, New Jersey that serves the entire state as well as a few clinics located throughout the state. Geriatric veterans can find services that include hospice care, at-home care services, and health services for mental wellness, substance abuse, and disability. Caretakers of veterans can also find supportive services through the VA.

The VA also offers a Medical Foster Home Program. This program helps seniors with long-term care needs by providing a safe home with vetted caretakers. The seniors will live in their foster home, and the caregivers will provide meals, transportation, and daily care and activities for the senior.

Housing Services for Newark Veterans

New Jersey has a thorough resource guide for veterans and their family members. Their guide includes numerous housing assistance programs and services. These programs are:

A VA guaranteed home loan that allows veterans to apply for a home loan from any lender that participates in the program. It also exempts veterans from a down payment on a house.

HUD-certified counseling services for veterans and their families.

100% financing for qualified veterans which includes no down payment, no mortgage insurance, and mortgage loans for pre-approved new or rehabilitated single home buyers.

Homebuyer programs for live where you work services.

Veterans can also get some tax exemptions on property taxes as well as some income taxes.

The Greater Newark Habitat for Humanity also has housing assistance for local veterans. This group is working to build and provide homes for veterans and their families. They also host New Homeowner Orientations with valuable information for new homeowners every month.

If you are facing homelessness in the very near future, you can contact Community Hope to learn about housing assistance in your area. This group provides transitional housing for homeless veterans and helps them toward getting their feet back on the ground.

More Resources for Veterans

The guide for military members and their families has plenty of other resources for veterans. New Jersey Career Connections has services just for veterans. In addition to local job postings, veterans can find access to vocational training and workshops in the area as well as local job fairs, resume assistance, and career assessments.

We Hire Heroes is a national group that lists jobs across the country. They also provide information about job training and other helpful resources for New Jersey veterans.

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