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Newark Support Groups for Caregivers

More families are choosing to take loved ones in as the population ages. Caregiving can be both physically and emotionally draining. You will need breaks and support to stay at your best.  Below are various programs offered through local government, nonprofits, and health care systems in the Jersey City area. Respite care provides you temporary relief from caregiving.  Support groups allow you to meet other caregivers to discuss experiences and know what to expect.  

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center

Newark Beth Israel Medical Center offers a Caregivers Support Group that meets once a month on the third Tuesday.  These sessions address:

Caregiving topics and tricks

Reducing frustrations caused by caregiving and learning to work together

Coping methods to relieve stress

Available resources

Meeting with others to share feelings and concerns

These meetings do fill up, so call 973.926.2096 to register.

The Alzheimer’s Association of New Jersey

The Alzheimer’s Association offers a variety of programs and services for caregivers because caring for someone with Alzheimer’s can be stressful.  These programs include care consultation, training, referrals to local services, early-stage programs, and caregiver support groups. If attending meetings is hard with your schedule, you can join the online community to chat with other caregivers across the nation.

The Association provides 24/7 assistance with the Helpline at 1.800.272.3900. The expert on the other end of the line can answers questions about the Association’s services, care options and consultation, respite care, and more. You can call for emotional support at any time.

The Association offers various educational opportunities throughout the New Jersey area. The Community Resource Guide can help you find a needed service quickly.

To learn more about these programs, you can call the local chapter number at 973.866.8143.

Veteran Caregiver Assistance

If you are caring for a veteran, you can inquire about help through the New Jersey VA Health Care System.  The following services are available to caregivers of veterans:

Caregiver support groups

Contact through the Helpline at 855.260.3274 for all inquiries and assistance

Respite care through adult day centers or at home

In-home services such as homemaking, skilled nursing care, and home health aides

Hospice home care

For veterans injured after 9/11, there may be services available such as a stipend, training, and medical coverage if there is no insurance or lack of coverage.

For more information on these services and to see what services are near you, call the local Caregiver Support Coordinator at 973.676.1000, extension 3085.

Programs through the State of New Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC)

The New Jersey Assistance for Community Caregiving (JACC) is a state-funded program providing in-home services for individuals that meet income and asset requirements.  These services include:

Respite care


Caregiver training

Adult day health services

Social day care

Home-delivered meals

Supportive care at home

A care manager will help you manage your care and services. Call the New Jersey Department of Human Services at 1.800.792.8820 to learn more about these programs and eligibility requirements.

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