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Newark Senior Centers

Newark seniors often look for activities to occupy their time. If you currently struggle to keep yourself busy and want to do more, look into the senior centers and groups in your area. Numerous hobbies can get started by visiting these centers and finding things to do. From games to classes, exercise to acting, and even making friends and traveling, there are countless opportunities for retired adults to fill their time.

Playing Games

Visit the Newark Senior Center if you want the chance to play games and partake in activities with other people. Cards are number one on many seniors’ lists, although other choices exist as well. Some even spend their time playing computer games instead. There is a game room set-up where you can enjoy your favorite pastimes.

Learning More

Art and enrichment is a significant component of the Newark Senior Center. Learn your Genealogy, how to live a healthy lifestyle, investing and financial management, arts and history, and computers and technology. There are classes for everyone to enjoy so each person at the center can explore new facets and learn about things they otherwise may not have known about in the past.

Staying Active

There are four separative activities and offerings that allow seniors to remain active. First, there are exercises classes older adults may join in on with others to get a good workout completed. Second, the fitness center comes fully equipped with treadmills, ellipticals, weights, and other gear that allows individuals to work their bodies in a way they see fit. The third option is the therapeutic pool, ideal for those suffering from joint pain. Fourth, recreational activities offered outside of the senior center take place regularly to give seniors the opportunity to play sports or otherwise participate in something different.

Taking Stage

Many seniors want to take the stage or otherwise spend time performing. Some senior centers may offer them the ability to meet their dreams, while others do not have the offerings available. If you cannot find a suitable class for you, instead look into the performance arts centers in the area and see if they have something available.

Making Friends

Chances are, you have already made some friends at your local senior center. Whether you’ve taken a class with them, played a game, or been in the fitness center together, the center is an ideal place to meet with people who have shared interests and desires. You can make friends outside of the circle as well if you look into the various senior meetup groups in the area. Senior Mingle, Boomers of the Finger Lakes, and The Rochester Scrabble Meetup Group are just a few of the options in the city.

Traveling the World

Newark may have plenty to see and do, but that does not stop some people from wanting to explore more. If you have a desire to travel the world, you can look into travel groups in your area that allow multiple people to go together. It is a safe option, so you are not going to an unknown city alone without a companion.

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