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Newark Funeral Homes

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is no easy matter. It takes time to grieve, which is made even more challenging by the process of planning their funeral. Unfortunately for many, some Newark funeral home directors attempt to use that grief to their advantage and force people to pay sky high prices for services that should be much more affordable. Know your rights and budget before setting foot in one of these places, so you are sure to get respectful treatment and the services you genuinely want.

Related Rights to a Funeral Home

Many funeral homes will try to tell you that particular criteria must be met to receive services at their location. You have to purchase an urn or casket from their company. You have to have the body embalmed. You must choose a package option. These threats go against your rights as a funeral home customer. Both federal and state laws exist so that people do not get swindled by a funeral business looking to make a profit. Knowing your rights will help ensure you understand which precise choices you have and which you must adhere to from the business.

New Jersey law, for example, indicates that customers must agree to any and all regulations set in a prepaid funeral arrangement. If you do not agree, you do not have to accept the terms and can request individual services instead. Federal law says you get to bring a casket or urn from another business and use the one of your choosing.

Selecting the Best Funeral Home for Your Needs

Always seek funeral services before the time is needed. Doing so ensures you have needs accounted for and a place chosen that genuinely makes you feel comfortable during the difficult process. Look to the New Jersey State Funeral Directors Association to see a list of potential funeral costs. This list helps you discover what the averages are across the state and which businesses go above or below what is expected.

If that list is not enough, look at the Federal Trade Commission website to see a more detailed list from across the nation. A calculator that helps you determine the overall cost of your expected funeral is available. You can also see potential burial fees and a full pricing checklist that ensures you have everything covered that you need.

Sticking to a Funeral Budget

Choosing your funeral home and the services you want cannot get done until you have a budget set. Otherwise, you would go overboard on selecting options that you do not have the money to pay. Funerals can get costly if you go with a package that has all the possibilities. Focus on a few focal points for the service and see where you can cut costs in other places. A funeral can still be a beautiful event that is well-loved by all those in attendance if you focus on the right things and keep to a budget that allows you to incorporate what means the most.

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