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Medicare in Newark

Medicare is a crucial part of many senior’s lives, and in Essex County, there are over 100,000 residents that use it. Many of these residents are seniors and if you have questions about the coverage, you can find more information through online services. You can also find more providers and services through online resources.

What Does Medicare Cover?

If you’re not quite sure what Medicare covers, here is a quick summary. This federal program offers health care services for seniors that are 65 and older and some younger people with disabilities. Medicare comes in four parts, A, B, C, and D, and each one has different coverage.

Part A covers most inpatient services. These services include hospital stays, skilled nursing facility stays, and could include some in-home services.

Part B is what covers outpatient services like doctor’s visits, preventative care, and medical supplies if needed.

Part C also called the Medicare Advantage Plan, offers you the choice of a private insurance company to cover Part A and B as well as that companies prescription coverage.

Part D allows you to add on prescription coverage if you don’t use Part C.

Medicare Facts in Essex County

Average beneficiary age in Essex County is 72.

Essex County has a higher than average per capita cost of $13,049 which increased 12.3% between 2007 and 2014.

High blood pressure is the most prevalent issue for Medicare users in Essex County.

There is a higher rate of Type 2 diabetes and heart failure in this county compared to national averages.

Medicare spends the most on ambulances, medical tests, and evaluation and management services in Essex County.

Medicare Offices in Newark

New Jersey is part of Region 2 for Medicare, and the head office is in New York. The Social Security Office in Newark serves as the primary office for Medicare needs in the area. Seniors can go to this office to apply for benefits, get a Medicare card, and find answers to their questions. They can also get Social Security services in the same location, which can make it a one-stop errand.

Newark Social Security Office

Room 1035

970 Broad Street

Newark, NJ 07102

(800) 772-1213

The SSA office is inside the Peter Rodino Federal Building across the street from the Newark Main Post Office. They are open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm except on Wednesdays when they close at noon. You should call ahead to schedule an appointment and find out what forms or information you need to bring.

Medicare Providers in Newark makes it straightforward and convenient to find providers in your area. The Physicians Compare tool helps you find approved providers in your area, and you can search by specialty or location. A search of geriatric medicine in Newark came back with 51 results within a 10-mile radius. You can change the filters to find a physician that fits your needs.

This search tool allows you to find out more about each doctor on the list. By clicking on their name, you can learn about their area of expertise, find out where their office is, see if they have hospital privileges, and know what type of Medicare payment they accept. This tool is only for group practices, but Medicare is working on adding just single doctors to the search.

You can search for more than just a doctor in the area. Nursing Home Compare shows over 250 homes within 25 miles of Newark. You can see their previous health inspections, overall rating, and other information to help make a better decision. also has searches for medical equipment, dialysis centers, rehabilitation, and more.

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