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Medicaid in Newark

Without Medicaid, countless people would be unable to access the essential medical services that they need due to a lack of money.  Thanks to this extraordinary government program, very few, people will fall through the cracks and be unable to access critical and routine medical services.

The New Jersey Medicaid program will provide Newark residents with access to in-home care, nursing home care and other long-term care options, and a wide variety of rehabilitative services and access to prescription drugs.

If you’re a Newark, New Jersey senior who needs help affording your medical care, or think that you will need help paying for the medical care you need soon, continue reading to learn:

How to start the Medicaid application process

What services you can expect as a Medicaid recipient

How Medicaid can provide you with free round trip transportation to medical appointments

Who qualifies for New Jersey Medicaid

Qualifying for Medicaid in Newark

Medicaid is designed to support the most vulnerable members of our society; the aged, the sick, and the disabled. Certain groups of people are encouraged to apply for Medicaid benefits and are most eligible:

New Jersey seniors who are 65 years old and older

People who are anticipated to be disabled for at least a year

Patients who will require at least 30 days of continuous medical treatment

Seniors, younger people, and families who subsist on a low-income

Seniors who have no valuable assets

Some seniors may be concerned that the home they own will disqualify them from Medicaid benefits, but they are mistaken. The value of your home is not a factor in making the determination of your eligibility for benefits.

Assistance with Your Newark Medicaid Application

Start by visiting the New Jersey Medicaid website and checking your eligibility, according to the convenient checklist you’ll find there.

According to the New Jersey Medicaid website, in order to qualify for NJ Medicaid, you need to fall within one of the following groups:


Minor Child

Low-income Medicare recipient

People over the age of 65, and individuals who are blind or disabled

Families with children up to the age of 18

Women without health insurance and have cervical or breast cancer

Illegal immigrants that need emergency care

What Does Newark Medicaid Cover?

Medicaid will provide access to long-term care like nursing home residency and extended hospital stays. Medicaid recipients will get free diagnostic services including MRI, CAT scans, and blood tests.

People swiftly approaching the end of life will be given free access to hospice care in the final weeks and months. With Medicaid, you’ll have free access to prescription drugs and routine check-ups.

Transportation to Newark  Medical Appointments

If you need round trip transportation to medical services, you can take advantage of LogistiCare, the company that provides rides to and from scheduled medical appointments.  Medicaid will make sure that you can get where you need to be at little or no cost at all to you.

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