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How to Get Around Newark Without Driving

While Newark only spans 26 square miles, the city is the most populous in all of New Jersey. Live music and a vibrant nightlife keep people coming to the city, often in need of transportation to make their way back home after a fun night out. Residents and tourists alike can utilize the transportation services in Newark, taking either the bus, a taxi, or another type of shuttle service to the appropriate destination. Let’s take a look at some of the options Newark has to offer.

New Jersey Transit

Bus number one from the NJ Transit provides a daily route through Newark. You can view the timetable online to see precisely when the bus arrives at each stop and when is the best time to get on and off depending on your final destination. To make things easier, you can even use the online trip planner to include your traveling to and from locations, departure time, and whether you want to minimize overall travel time, walking distance, or a number of transfers.

Cabs and Taxis

Numerous cab and taxi services fill the Newark area. Most remain open 24 hours a day, ensuring all residents and tourists alike can get home at any time. Whether you’ve been out for the night or only got stranded, call one of the companies, and a driver will pick you up and bring you home quickly. Newark Airport City Taxi is one of the best-rated in the city, primarily offering airport shuttle service between airports and hotels in the area. They also offer private transport services at competitive prices.

Empire Limousine provides another high-quality service. You can view the rates online to receive a discounted price as there are always specials running when you book from the website rather than by phone. If you still wish to call, you may reach the service at (800) 431 0313. The company has a full fleet of vehicles ready to meet any transportation needs, including a Sedan, SUV, van, stretch limousine, and coach bus.

Transporting Seniors to Appointments

Seniors hoping to make it to a medical appointment may need to call upon senior-centered services rather than the typical bus system. Home health care aids are some of the first you should reach out to if you need to see your doctor. The caregiver will help you get to the location safely. You can also utilize LogistiCare Medical Transportation, a Medicaid-based service allowing patients to make it to their appointments safely.

Division of Aging Services

The State of New Jersey offers a Division of Aging Services through their Department of Human Services. Reach out to them when you need transportation in your city and are struggling to find it. Their goal is to provide resources and assistance to all of the elderly community within the state, including those in Newark and Essex County. The specific Essex County Division of Senior Services will have further details. Reach them at (973-395-8375). A representative will be able to offer you guidance on transportation options nearest you.

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