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Catholic Health Care in Newark

You can find several Catholic churches and a cathedral in Newark.  As you can imagine with the rich history of Catholicism in New Jersey, you will see there are several options for seniors including several churches for Mass, volunteer opportunities with Catholic Charities, historic missions, and health care that follows the Catholic Church beliefs.

Options for Catholic Senior Care

The Franciscan Sisters of the Poor established Saint Michael’s Medical Center back in 1867.  This facility was the first to perform open-heart surgery in New Jersey.  The Heart and Vascular Institute is part of Saint Michael’s Medical Center and offers a full range of cardiac treatments. There is also the Cancer Center to provide state-of-the-art cancer treatment.

If you are looking for assisted living options, Brookdale Wayne offers to do all your chores for you while you live an active lifestyle.  Amenities include meals, transportation, activities, wellness center, library, putting greens, and a walking path.  They also provide Catholic mass for your spiritual needs.  

Other Catholic Health Care Options

Catholic Health Association of the United States offers services to enhance the care of the elderly. Catholic-sponsored health organizations offer a variety of care services such as home health, senior housing, assisted living, nursing facilities, primary and acute care, and counseling services.

Members can also find resources on elder care including prayers, medical articles, and Catholic teachings relating to the elderly.  They also offer webinars to educate on senior care including topics such as long-term care providers, nursing home care, and spirituality affects on long-term care.

Archdiocese of Newark

New Jersey established the Diocese in 1853. The Archdiocese of Newark and the City of Newark are linked. With an active Catholic community, there is an interdependency as the city grew.  St. John’s was the first Catholic Church built in the city and is still active today.

Social Programs for Catholic Seniors

If you want to get involved with the Catholic church and help others, Catholic Charities is always looking for volunteers.  The Catholic Charities’ Engel Center provides a senior daycare program for older adults and caregiver support.

St. Michael’s Parish also provides community outreach programs and daily mass.  You can also meet others for a fun game of Bingo.

New Jersey Catholic provides updates to area Catholics to keep connected with the church. It is the official magazine of the Archdiocese.  The newspaper The Catholic Advocate also is another source of communication.

Catholic Landmarks

You can find two Catholic landmarks in Newark.  The Cathedral Basilica was built in 1899 and is the fifth-largest cathedral in North America. The Cathedral offers concerts to the public with one of the biggest pipe organs.

St. Lucy’s Church has the Saint Gerard Shrine. This church’s address is 118 Seventh Street in Newark.  Many people visit this shrine in the nine days leading up to his feast on October 16th and pray for successful childbirth or conception.

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