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New York Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

The problem with volunteering in New York City is deciding just what type of volunteering you wish to do. Retiring in NYC is something that a lot of people consider due to the convenience and culture of a large vibrant city. New York City has a lot of volunteer opportunities. There are people and animals that need the help of senior volunteers to make their life better. Here are just a few of the outstanding volunteer opportunities you can find in New York City.

There is a lot to love about this site. You can search for volunteer positions throughout the city based on your availability, location, and your interests. This can help you limit your search quickly so you can get out there sooner. With so many different organizations, sorting through them all is a very valuable service.

NYC Service

This is another site that is run by The City Of New York. Potential volunteers can search based on the borough, interest, or the skills they can offer. Creating a free online account is a great way to keep up with opportunities and interact with coordinators. There is a lot of great support on this site for those that want to volunteer. Some volunteer positions require more paperwork than others, but are well worth it. A background check is fairly standard, especially for those that are volunteering at schools. Other requirements may include being photographed and fingerprinted.

United Way Of New York

United Way puts its efforts towards fighting poverty throughout the city and suburbs. Funds and services are used to help people get more education and the benefits that can come from that. Many children in NYC are not reading at grade level. United Way Works with organizations throughout the city to improve the rate of children succeeding.

United Way also helps deal with health issues that affect the low-income population of New York. Healthy food initiatives and other medical care help people have a better quality of life no matter what age they are.

Volunteer New York

This website offers listings and helps to place volunteers in suitable organizations and projects. You can search based on keywords and the distance from you. Sometimes transportation can be provided if you can get together a larger group. Retirement communities may even be able to help your chosen organization by providing this service.

Volunteer New York also helps organize the city wide and sometimes state wide events. For example, you may want to take part in the statewide 'I Love My Park Day,' or take part in National Volunteer Week. In November, there is the neighborhood food drive. You could help by collecting donations at your retirement community, or helping organizations put together food boxes for those in need.

Encourage Others To Volunteer

It is easy to get stuck in a routine, especially during retirement. Some of your friends may have not ever given serious thought to volunteering. By setting an example and talking to them about your volunteer experience, you may be able to encourage them to volunteer.

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