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New York Senior Living

As you get older and enter retirement, your life is going to see some big changes. One of those changes might be the ability to do tasks you used to with ease. Sometimes you need extra help and at those times, it’s good to know all of your options. In a city like New York, you have a variety of choices when it comes to senior care and you can customize a plan to your needs and wishes. Here is a simple guide to all the choices you have here in the city.

Costs in New York

The first thing to go over is the cost of care. Prices in New York are going to vary by location thus differ in comparison to the national average. If you wanted to get a private room in Brooklyn, it would be an average of $155,125, and a semi-private room would drop the cost to $146,000. Assisted living facilities in Brooklyn are a little less expensive with an average cost of $37,500.

You can also look into programs like adult day care which average about $29,058, or an in-home health aid which averages about $44,616. You can also look into different areas of the city to find care that will fit your budget and needs.

Senior care choices

Whether you want to stay in your home for as long as possible or you’re ready to move to a new community, you have plenty of choices. Here we’ll go through your options and give you a few questions to ask during your search.

At-home care options

Homemaker Services- You can use a homemaker service to take care of daily tasks and chores that you’re no longer able to handle on your own. At a place like First Care of New York, you can find people to come in and do light housekeeping, cooking, transportation to doctor’s appointments, and even provide companionship.

In-Home Health Care- This is like a homemaker service, but more focused on medical care. Nurses and other trained medical professionals will come to your home to take care of any medical need you might have, whether that is physical therapy or medication management. You can contact Home Health Care Services to find options and workers in your area.

Adult Day Care- These programs are for seniors who might have no where to go during the day and who need supervision. At a place like Forever Young Social Adult Day Care, you can get transportation to and from the program, participate in classes like computer skills or exercise programs, eat healthy meals, and socialize with other seniors.

Independent Services- If you don’t need focused medical attention and can still do most things around your house, you might look into independent concierge services. These companies can walk the dog, take care of your lawn, pick up groceries, or perform simple household repairs. You can look to the internet and find websites like Angie’s List or TaskRabbit to find exactly what you need.

Questions for you to ask at-home care providers

You should never let strangers into your home without knowing as much as possible about the company and their employees. Here are a few simple questions to get you started.

Are all employees insured and bonded in case something happens? Do the companies perform background checks? Have all medical providers gotten the proper licenses and certifications? Do they provide a backup or emergency plan if your regular caregiver can’t come in and work?

Assisted living and nursing homes

Maybe you’re more than ready to move out of your home and into a place that can take care of the daily chores you usually face.

Independent community- These are like all-inclusive resorts for seniors in retirement. You will get your own house or home and still be able to keep up with an active lifestyle.

Assisted Living- Still like an all-inclusive resort but with a few more hands-on services. You can get help with daily chores, meal preparation, transportation, and even things like bathing or getting dressed in the morning while still enjoying your own private home.

Nursing Homes- These are set-up a little more like a hospital so that you can receive medical care as needed. Nurses and doctors are on staff to treat patients and handle any medical emergencies.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care- These patients need a little extra care and you can find facilities that will cater to their needs. Usually, these facilities provide a calm and relaxing environment with extra security to keep patients from wandering or getting lost.

Questions for you to ask facilities

In order to find the perfect place to call home, you need to do your research and ask as many questions as possible.

What are all the services covered in the cost? Do they offer extra services for an extra cost? Can you have outside providers come in to do things like therapy? Get a tour of the facility and ask to see the yearly state inspection report.

Ways to pay for senior care

You don’t always have to pay for these things out of pocket. Many seniors use Social Security benefits or have long-term care insurance policies that they rely on. Regular insurance might cover some costs and Medicaid is a great resource for low-income families. Veterans are usually able to use VA benefits and should check their local office. As a homeowner, you have a few options such as selling or renting out your home and you could also look into a reverse mortgage as long as you fully understand all the risks.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

If you are looking for more to do with your free time, volunteering is a great way to give back and be involved in your community. Here in New York, you can join the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program and be matched with a variety of different opportunities to help your neighborhood. You can also look to the Senior Corps and reach out on a more national level.

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