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New York Respite Care and Adult Day Care

When given the choice, many seniors want to be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible. That means there are more family members and caregivers taking care of loved ones than before, and if they have other jobs this can seem like a stressful balancing act. Luckily, there are adult day care programs and respite care that can help these individuals out. While they’re at work, they can rest easy knowing their family member is safe and getting the care they need. Here are some helpful resources about adult day care in New York.

What Does Adult Day Care And Respite Care Entail?

Both adult day care and respite care allow caregivers to go about their day, whether that is to another job or just taking a rest from their caregiving duties, while their loved ones get the care they need. Daycare is a drop-off program that can be at a local community center, senior center, or even a church or hospital. They most often run five days a week, Monday through Friday, during the work day, which is typically from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. to allow time for commuting. They are usually closed on major holidays and weekend, but there are a few programs that run for a few hours on the weekend if needed.

The biggest benefit to an adult day care program is that the seniors will be monitored by a nursing staff the whole time to make sure their medical needs are met. You can even find programs that are designed for specific conditions like dementia. Nurses can help with dispensing medication, taking vital signs, and managing any other medical issues.

State licensed programs are required to provide a hot lunch and some programs will also provide breakfast as well as snacks throughout the day. Seniors will get the chance to interact with each other through activities like card games, group fitness classes, and even arts and crafts. There are also programs that have visits from therapy dogs, local entertainment groups, and field trips to local attractions.

Finding Programs In Your Area

The New York Department for the Aging works in conjunction with a few other groups to provide licensing and certification for adult day care programs throughout the state. The New York State Office on Aging oversees the programs and makes sure they are following a set list of rules and standards. There are locations all over and you should start by looking at those closest to your place of work or home for convenience.

ARC Adult Day Center 4111 Broadway (212) 781-5700

Amber Health 71 India St. #201 Brooklyn (718) 388-8388

Isabella Adult Day Health Care Program 525 Audubon Ave. (212) 342-9813

Renaissance Adult Day Services 625 E. Fordham Rd. Bronx (718) 704-0600

Social Adult D.C. 4521 Arthur Kill Rd. Staten Island (718) 552-5179

The New York State Adult Day Services Association has more program listings in their database, and you can also talk to your loved one’s physicians and health care providers to get recommendations on facilities that they trust.

Cost And Payment

For the whole state of New York, the average cost of daycare is $64 per day and that cost can fluctuate between different neighborhoods. If you require care for a medical or cognitive condition, a long-term policy can cover your daycare costs. Medicaid and VA-benefits might also be able to help provide care and you can check with the New York Department for the Aging to find out more about benefits and where you can find financial assistance.

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