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New York Neighborhood Guide

If all of New York you have seen is in the movies, then you are truly missing out on a fantastic opportunity to experience top quality arts and entertainment. The diversity of New York never ceases to amaze even those that are born there. Here are some neighborhoods to start your search of best retirement communities.


When it comes to glamor and upscale there is Manhattan. This neighborhood should be mentioned, but it is only for those with a large retirement budget. Located across the bridge from Brooklyn, a Manhattan address is going to cost top dollar.


Williamsburg offers a lot of cultures and is a good choice between a real party neighborhood and a quite cul de sac. Over the last few years, it has seen a rebirth likely in response to rising costs downtown. East River State Park is a great place to enjoy a walk and a picnic and watch the sunset over Manhattan. Those that want good access to Manhattan will have an easy commute.

Long Island

If you want to see a different side of the New York area, then you will love exploring the wineries and vineyards plus the beautiful scenery of Long Island. A plethora of shopping and great places to eat combined with lower rents make Long Island a choice to be considered by any retiree.

West Village

West Village offers a lot of parks. Residents enjoy James J. Walker Park for a quiet afternoon session of reading. The Hudson River Branch of The New York Public Library is also here so you can download ebooks or check a book out if you lack in reading material.

If you are a fan of Broadway, then you are in luck in West Village because there is the Cherry Lane Theater, the oldest continuously operating theater off-Broadway in New York. A burger at Corner Bistro won't set you back a lot of cash, or for another eclectic selection of sandwiches try Amy's Bread.

East Village

East Village has seen a lot of unique shops open up including Odin. Strand Bookstore, which will keep you mesmerized with 18 miles of books to peruse.

Dining options are plentiful, and you will have fun trying new things and experiencing the seasonal menus at artisan cafes. Northern Spy Food Company offers a menu that is all under $15 and sourced from local ingredients whenever possible. Momofuko Noodle Bar has some great Asian cuisine to warm up on a cold day.

Making The Most Of Your Retirement

Many retirees decide to live outside of New York because your budget simply goes further. There are many great New York neighborhoods that are not detailed here because they are just so numerous.

Retiring means that you should take some time to do things you truly enjoy, you may even decide to live in several different neighborhoods over the course of your retirement. The freedom is yours to live life to the fullest.

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