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New York Hospice Care

A patient in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) and another in a hospice are very different because doctors in the ICU are hard at work trying to treat the patient and save him whereas in a hospice the focus is on comfort, not finding a cure. Patients in the hospice usually suffer from diseases that are far beyond the curing stage and the care given here focuses on helping the patient live the remaining days of his life without pain and suffering.

Regardless of whether a patient will receive hospice care from home or from an institution, emphasis must be on caring for a patient and his or her family's physical, emotional, social, and spiritual needs.

Hospice Caregivers

Since hospice care focuses on a patient and his or her whole family, the caregivers need to attend to the needs of all who are affected. The primary caregivers are:

Therapist: A therapist's work is to help the patient enjoy the period that he or she is receiving the care. The therapist helps the patient to walk, enjoy food, and enjoy everything by taking him or her through exercises that they can do.

Clergy: Since hospice care is holistic, the role of the clergy is to help the patient and the family prepare for death and what lies beyond. Spiritual health here is of utmost importance.

Nurse: The nurse attending to the patient ensures that the patient is taking all the medication prescribed by the doctor and is as comfortable as possible. The nurse responds to any emergencies that may arise.

Doctor: The doctor will prescribe medication and perform any procedures necessary to keep the patient comfortable, healthy, and without any form of pain.

Social worker: Social workers play the role of offering solutions to problems and issues that might arise from the illness. These caregivers spend a lot of time with the patient and the family members, listening to them and helping them in any way they can.

Counselor: A counselor monitors and engages with the patient and the family throughout the period that the patient is receiving care, and continues to counsel the family members even after their loved one dies.

Hospice Caregivers In New York

New York has a big number of hospice caregivers, all of them offering some of the best possible care a patient would need. If you or a family member wants to choose the best hospice, finding out about the best ones from is a great place to start. You will even come across caregivers who can offer such services to a senior from the comfort of home such as the Visiting Nurse Service of New York, and the Hospice Care Network.

How New Yorkers Pay for Hospice services

Senior citizens living in New York understand the value of health insurance, which is why most of the hospice care patients have insurance that covers their hospice expenses. Whether a patient prefers using Medicaid, Medicare, or other private health insurance covers, insurance is the way to go. Those who pay from their pockets are few but they also exist.

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