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New York Funeral Homes

The right funeral home will help to make the process of laying a departed loved one to rest much less stressful. Before you start your search for a funeral service provider, you need to be aware of your rights as a consumer. Informative tips and suggestions are included in this guide to help you make the right choice along with ways to save money on funeral costs and provided links to reputable online resources.

Consumers’ Rights when Choosing a Funeral Home

When consumers face the emotional prospect of having to choose a funeral home, it is helpful and comforting to know that laws administered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) provide protection. The standards within the FTC Funeral Rule mandate that funeral homes must adhere to stipulated guidelines when providing services to consumers. Some examples of how the FTC Funeral Rule protects consumers include:

Funeral homes must provide consumers with detailed information including service arrangement costs over the telephone without revealing personal information such as their names, phone numbers, and addresses.

Funeral service providers cannot coerce consumers to pay for expensive package deal arrangements that they do not need or want.

Consumers have the right to view the prices of outer burial containers on a separate list if not posted on the General Price List (GPL).

Funeral homes must provide consumers with a written statement that includes all selected service features and costs before payment.

Suggestions and Tips for Finding a Funeral Home

Online resources to help make the process of finding a funeral home easier include the Digital Memorial network. The site provides consumers with an online national listing service that they can use when researching potential funeral service providers in the New York City area. Sample listings on the network include the Forest Park Chapel and the Frederick Funeral Home . You can view and visit the individual listings to learn more about the funeral services and features that they offer to consumers.

Other options for exploring potential funeral home providers include checking the listings on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Their site has a BBB Accredited Business Directory that includes postings for funeral homes in the New York City area. Additional tips and guidance for finding a funeral home are available on the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) Funeral Planning Tip page.

Ways to Help Make Funeral Expenses Affordable

Funeral expenses tend to be costly, but there are ways to help make them more affordable. A suggestion offered by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that may work in some situations includes the option of prepaying for service arrangements. If the passing of a loved one is inevitable, and you want to take care of managing a funeral ahead of time to help alleviate stress, this is one option to consider.

Other ways to save on funeral costs is to budget and only purchase necessary services and features. There are standard caskets available that serve the purpose of laying a loved one to rest that are much less expensive than those made of exotic wood. The Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) funeral pricing checklist is a helpful resource. The checklist provides an overview of funeral services and offered features, which makes it easier to choose what you need and can afford.

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