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New York Family Caregiver Benefits

An unplanned or sudden crisis with an elderly loved one often signals a time when they will need help at home with their daily activities. During the early stages of caregiving, those who provide care may not realize the toll that their new duties takes on their own health and well-being. They also may not realize that they are not alone. One person in every four households takes care of an elderly person in their home. Many eldercare organizations are offering help for the caregiver as they begin to realize that more seniors can live independently at home when there is help for them and their caregivers too. Here are some of the best places in New York City to find care for the caregiver:

NYC Caregiver

One of the most comprehensive and valuable services that New York City offers is the NYC Caregiver program. This organization is the one-stop shopping place for family caregivers to find programs for the elderly during the day, at night, and on the weekends. NYC Caregiver helps caregivers find help with their senior’s grocery shopping and housecleaning. They also have services that can help with minor home repairs or handicapped modifications such as adding grab bars and hand rails. Family caregivers can find help with taking care of grandchildren and other services that help them to take a break. The NYC Caregiver program offers many types of helpful programs and services. Here’s a shortlist of some of them:

Information and referral

Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to services

Care plan development

Community presentations

Linkages with community based organizations


Support Groups

Caregiver training


Supplemental services

DOROT Caregivers’ Connections

DOROT is a private, Jewish organization that seeks to help senior caregivers with a spirit of Jewish communal responsibility. DOROT’s programs bring different generations together to alleviate social isolation and help them live out their senior years independently with value and dignity.

DOROT provides education and support for senior caregivers through the Caregivers’ Connections program. The program partners with hospitals, social service agencies, and healthcare professionals to provide for the needs of senior caregivers. Caregivers will be able to attend weekly support groups and educational workshops. Many of the programs are provided via teleconference to reduce the burden of hectic schedules and time-consuming travel times.

The majority of volunteers, seniors, and contributors are Jewish, but DOROT serves people of all faiths and from all walks of life. Caregivers who need support may call DOROT at (212) 769-2850.

Alzheimer’s and Caregiver Resource Center

The Alzheimer’s and Caregiver Resource Center of New York City is a program of the Department for the Aging. Professionals who have expertise in dementia and long-term care issues help caregivers develop a plan of care to keep the loved one home as long as possible and bridge to more intensive services as needed. These professionals understand the importance of caregivers getting needed help and knowing where the community resources are that can help. All services are free and confidential. Caregivers can find out more by calling 311.

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