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New York Elder Law Attorneys

The amount of complicated procedures and tasks that seniors often have to go through can be frustrating and overwhelming. You have to understand how your benefits work, you might have to deal with pension plans or other government agencies and if your health has deteriorated then you have to work with long-term care facilities, other healthcare providers, and insurance companies. Rather than enjoying your later years you find yourself fighting through them. This is why it’s beneficial to use the advice and expertise of an elder law attorney. They can give you high-quality legal advice and save you from wasting time and money on certain issues.

What’s The Difference Between An Attorney & An Elder Law Attorney?

Attorneys can help you and give you legal advice, but unless they specialize in that particular area, they can only give general counsel. Senior issues tend to be very complicated and involve more than one aspect. Your decision on one thing, like Medicaid benefits, can be directly tied to other issues like your assets and estate plans. When it comes to these things, you don’t want general counsel, you want an attorney that knows everything about these topics.

Elder law specialists can lead you through these complex issues and make sure that your wishes are respected and taken care of. They are also usually very involved in the senior community and can help tend to the emotional needs of seniors during these times by providing access to resources and support in the area.

Can Anyone Hire An Elder Law Attorney?

Seniors obviously benefit the most from an elder law attorney and you can hire one yourself to help you plan your estate and address and other senior needs you might have. Friends and family of elderly relatives can also seek the legal advice of an elder law attorney when it comes to things like wills, guardianship, and conservatorship. This is especially important if their elderly family member or friend is no longer in control of their mental capacities. Anyone can, and should, contact an elder law attorney if there is suspicion of elder abuse, financial exploitation, or neglect.

When Do I Need To Find An Elder Law Attorney?

The ideal time to find an elder law attorney is shortly after retirement once you are starting to plan your estate and write out your will. Elder law attorneys can be especially helpful through this process because they can make sure everything is taken care of and you don’t miss any important details.

Of course, there are other times that you can and should find an elder law attorney. If you ever have any questions or concerns about things like:

VA benefits

Medicaid benefits

Senior housing

Long-term care needs

Age discrimination at work

Elder abuse

Talk to a trusted elder law attorney immediately to resolve the issue. Keep in mind that not every elder law attorney will specialize in all areas of senior issues so find one that can fit your needs and concerns.

Where Should I Look For An Elder Law Attorney?

There are a lot of elder law attorneys out there so you want to make sure you find a highly qualified individual who will respect your wishes. You can talk with trusted friends and family to get their suggestions on lawyers and if you already have a family lawyer ask for a recommendation. You can also go online and search databases at the National Elder Law Foundation and the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys to find lawyers in your area.

You can also use the New York State Unified Court System attorney search tool to find attorneys in your area. This website is also a good place to find legal forms and documents as well as any legal information you might need.

Here is a testimonial from Anna L., a client of the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn:

"I came to the Law Office of Inna Fershteyn and Associates seeking aid with my mother's Medicaid issue. My mother was in rehabilitation for 2 months and after she was discharged, we discovered her Medicaid and SSI was taken away. Inna Fershteyn was very professional, seemed to know exactly how to resolve our issue and all in all was very helpful. All the financial problems were resolved within 3 weeks. I could not be more thankful and I sincerely recommend this law firm to anyone seeking help with law issues."

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