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New York Demographics and Lifestyle

New York is the global center of commerce and the city that never sleeps. New Yorkers can enjoy four distinct seasons as well as wildlife.

Are You a New Yorker?

The Census Bureau estimates that the population of New York City in 2015 was over 19.7 million people. This is a 2.2 percentage growth since the 2010 Census conducted in the city. The percentage of seniors age 65 and older in the city is 14.7. As residents continue to retire, this number will also increase in the coming years.

The city is made up of 51.5 percent females. When it comes to diversity, 70.4 percent of the population identify as white, 17.6 percent as black or African-American, 8.5 percent as Asian, and 1 percent as American Indian or Alaskan Native. 22.3 percent of New Yorkers were born in a foreign country and as many as 30.2 percent of households speak more than one language at home.

What’s the Weather Like in New York?

Similar to what is seen in other larger urban cities like Chicago, New York City has an urban heat island effect. The temperature in the industrialized areas tends to be slightly higher than the more open and rural areas in the city. New York experiences hot summers with no dry season. Hot summer days can average in the mid to high 80s while the average temperature during the winter months remain in the low 20s or teens.

Snowfall is a problem in New York, especially if the city receives more than average. With no place to “store” shoveled snow, parking can become an issue as well as narrowed roads due to the snow, causing traffic issues in an already overpopulated area. Heavy wet snow can pull down power lines causing residents to lose the ability to heat their homes during the cold temperatures.

It is advisable to be prepared in case of an emergency with an alternate heat source, if possible. Consider storing flashlights, gallons of water, and non-perishable foods in your home. You may want to store these items and extra blankets in your car in case of a travel ban, or if you find yourself stuck in a traffic jam due to the snow.

Nature in New York

New York isn’t all buildings and business. The city is home to 150 species of trees and meadow flowers. You can find willow oaks, laurel magnolias, sweet gum, hickory, oak, chestnut, and maples, for example all over. Cattails are seen growing along the banks of the Hudson River. New York is home to several species of roses, the state flower.

As for wildlife, consider taking hikes through the Kazimiroff Nature Trail, the Blue Trail, or the Gerritsen Creek Nature Trail to see red-tailed hawks, owls, osprey, and reptiles and amphibians.

You can find several parks in the city with trails including Alley Pond Park. This park was formed by a glacier and showcases a sheet of ice left over from the glacial activity more than 15,000 years ago. It is the home to a diverse ecosystem and wildlife. Plus the park offers activities for families and senior programs.

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