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Medicare in New York

Millions of people in New York use Medicare benefits to cover their health care costs and most of them are seniors. In fact, the average age of Medicare beneficiaries for New York is 72. If you need help learning about Medicare, understanding the type of coverage offered or want to look for approved physicians and facilities in your area, you can find help both online and in your city.

What Is Medicare?

If you are 65 and older you’re eligible for Medicare which is a federal health care plan. There are a few other people that can use Medicare including younger people with a disability. Medicare has four parts and each part covers a different health service or type of care.

Part A takes care of all hospital coverage. If you have to stay in a hospital for any length of time, a skilled nursing facility or need hospice care Part A covers that. It can also cover some home health care.

Part B takes care of all medical coverage. This means outpatient services, preventative services, medical supplies, and doctor’ services are all included in this coverage.

Part C is a Medicare Advantage Plan. You can use this and get coverage for Part A and B through a private company and use their prescription coverage plan. You can customize this plan to fit your needs.

Part D is an additional prescription coverage that can be used with Part A and B.

Medicare Facts For The State Of New York

New York spends about $20.1 billion on Medicare coverage for 3.1 million beneficiaries.

Since 2011, Medicare costs have been decreasing from an all-time high of $20.5 billion.

Type 2 diabetes is ranked the number one chronic Medicare condition for the state of New York with coronary heart disease and high cholesterol coming in second and third respectively.

42% of the Medicare budget is spent on inpatient care costs.

New York spends about $1,317 on each user for evaluation and management services.

Office Locations For Medicare In New York

New York City is the regional hub for Medicare and the region 2 office is located here. New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands all report to this regional office.

Office of Regional Administrator Jacob K. Javits Federal Building 26 Federal Plaza, Room 3811 New York, NY 10278 (617) 565-1188

There is also a Medicare Rights office that is located in New York and they can help you with all of your Medicare questions and concerns as well as connect you to other Medicare resources online and in the area.

266 West 37th St. 3rd Floor New York, NY 10018 (212) 869-3850

Searching For Medicare Physicians And Services In New York

If you have Medicare, then you are going to want to easily find Medicare-approved doctors, facilities, and services. You can use this Physician Compare tool to help you find health care in your area that is covered under your benefits. If you do a search for geriatric services in New York, you come back with 115 professionals within 10 miles of New York. You can refine your search and look for any kind of service or even search for professionals by name.

You can learn more about each doctor in the search list by clicking on their name. You can see where their office is located, find out which hospitals they have privileges at, and know exactly what kind of Medicare coverage they accept.

Not only can you look for doctors or other health care professionals, but you can search for Medicare approved nursing homes, skilled nursing facilities, dialysis centers, home health options, and health and drug plans all on Medicare’s website.

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