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Financial Assistance for New York Seniors

New York is one of the most famous cities in the world and offers the best of everything you can imagine. The only sad thing here is that it is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in. The cost of living in New York is an overwhelming 23.3% above the national average, which is very costly especially for seniors who do not have the energy to keep earning. However, New York has incredible structures put in place to take care of the seniors that make this great city ideal even for senior citizens. Here is how seniors can access financial assistance.

Hot Meals And Groceries For Seniors

Older New Yorkers above the age of 60 years who cannot prepare their meals can register with the New York Department For The Aging (DFTA) to receive hot meals every day or fresh frozen meals twice every week. Also, seniors suffering from life altering diseases can receive meals made with their unique consideration from agencies such as God's Love We Deliver, which work with volunteers to nourish New Yorkers who cannot cook or even shop for themselves.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) in New York is another very reliable source of food that seniors whose income is too low or non-existent to have access to healthy food and groceries in selected stores. These services and more help to ease the financial burden of living in this city.

Housing, Utilities And Maintenance Help

Since life in New York is expensive, you can expect that the houses here are very expensive especially for someone who has retired. However, seniors can always find very affordable accommodation options, which might be limiting concerning space but very friendly to the pocket. The New York City Department for the Aging is the best resource for affordable houses for seniors.

Seniors in New York, who earn very little to no money, can have their bills drastically reduced by getting assistance from the New York Utility Bill Assistance Program and from New York Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. These and many more programs make life in New York for seniors bearable.

Volunteers and volunteer organizations spare their time and resources to serve the seniors in New York whose homes need repairs and modifications. Home repair volunteer programs in New York such as the New York Foundation For Senior Citizens make a lot of difference.

Helping Hands, Social Time, And Rides

No other activity can bring fulfillment as helping other people who might not be able to help you back. Seniors in New York need a lot of help to go through a day, and having someone to walk with them reminds them that people do care for them. Government agencies such as the NY State Office for the Aging and NY Department for the Aging offer opportunities for people to volunteer and even organize community service programs for the seniors.

The older people in New York receive specialized transportation that takes them to their medical appointments, to senior centers for special activities, and for emergencies and hospital visits.

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