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Caregiving in New York, NY

In the State of New York there are approximately three million caregivers who provide over 2.6 billion hours of care to senior loved ones annually. This is demanding work that requires quite a bit of dedication. Even when a family caregiver loves the person they are caring for, they still need time to themselves. The good news is that New York has a number of resources that can be used by caregivers to provide them the help they need.

Finding Respite Care and Help with Caregiving Tasks

There are a number of options for caregivers who want to take a break and do things for themselves. Looking into some of the community resources can be beneficial for those who may not have family and friends to help out with the caregiving duties.

The Extended in home Services for the Elderly Program offers a number of helpful options. For example, contacting this service will put you in touch with:

Case management professionals to determine the help needed.

Home care services which will provide care for certain numbers of hours each day.

Personal care aides who help with elderly care.

Transportation services.

Meals and housekeeping services.

Another option would be to look into Adult Daycare programs. The cost of adult day care in New York is dependent on the facility chosen and the level of care and number of services that are needed. However, you can expect to pay between $70 and $200 per week, based on the above mentioned factors. Adult day care is beneficial because it not only provides seniors care, but also includes activities, field trips and other fun things to do during the day.

For those who need respite care services in Western Nassau County or Queens, they can utilize the Willing Hearts Helpful Hands service from the Parker Jewish Institute. Here trained volunteers work to help ease some of the burden on caregivers at no charge.

Utilizing other services can be quite beneficial and provide care, help and support when it is needed.

Informative Resources and Support Groups for Caregivers

In addition to finding a way to take some time for yourself, there are a number of caregivers who could benefit from support groups, counseling and other similar services.

One option to consider is the NYS Elder Caregiver Support Program. This provides assistance for informal caregivers, such as adult children, spouses and other family members, neighbors or friends who are caring for seniors who need help with day to day tasks.

The AARP Caregiving Resource Center also offers a number of tips, tools and worksheets regarding caregiving and can provide information on finding support in the local area.

Caregivers Connections is an organization that hosts weekly support groups, health-related classes and workshops. These classes are offered over the phone and anyone who is living in one of the five boroughs is able to participate and benefit from this program.

The National Alliance for Caregiving offers support for caregivers in the New York area. They provide webcasts, tip sheets and booklets to help them with the day-to-day task of providing care for a senior in the community.

Long-Term Help and Care Options in New York

From time to time, there are caregivers who are facing a huge challenge due to not being able to provide the level of care their loved one needs any longer. This can be the result of having to move, having a baby, or some other life-altering event. Regardless of the situation, it is often necessary for them to seek care for their elderly family member from another source. In these situations, finding options for long-term care is a must.

The Eldercare Locator is a nationwide directory assistance service that helps caregivers find resources. It is ideal for those who live in another area. This organization will provide these individuals with services in the local area to assist the senior.

NY Connects is an extremely helpful service that helps caregivers find long-term services and support. It provides information at no charge and helps seniors and their family members make informed decisions regarding the long-term care options that are available.

The New York State Office for the Aging can also be quite beneficial in finding care resources. Here caregivers and seniors can find resources for virtually any type of care they may be looking for, as well as help and support to get care services in place.

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