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Social Security for New Orleans Seniors

Social security falls under the category of one of the most important things seniors can obtain. Losing an income after retirement proves stressful for most people. Knowing there is money to fall back on is a huge relief. Social security is that money. Individuals who apply are awarded a monthly amount for the remainder of their lives. New Orleans seniors hoping to apply should do so at least a few months in advance of when they need the assistance. It can take a while for the application to go through and get approved.

Where are the New Orleans Offices Located?

Two main social security offices have employees that provide assistance to New Orleans’ residents. The two U.S. Social Security Administration buildings are located at:

400 Poydras St #500, in the central business district, and 115 Terry Pkwy

Both buildings open at 9 a.m and take walk-ins until 4 p.m. There may be a line to wait in depending on how many people arrive at the same time. You typically receive a ticket after submitting your reason for needing services and entering your social security number. Entering details beforehand allows an agent to access what you need and get the paperwork together for you quickly.

You may also call the toll-free number and speak with someone regarding your troubles. Many people call about the application process for applying for benefits, often wanting to know which documents to bring into the office. The representative will provide this information and much more. You can reach someone at (800) 772-1213.

What Senior Services Do These Offices Provide?

The New Orleans’ offices are happy to assist seniors who may struggle to understand the application process. There are numerous documents needed before you can submit the application. The necessary documents include up to two years of employer details, birth and citizenship information, marriage certificate, direct deposit details, names and phone numbers of anyone who can assist with verifying the claim, doctor and health care information, and the date the medical condition began before the disability began.

Groups of seniors may receive guidance at the same time with the help of a speaker who understands the application process. Many nursing facilities choose to have a speaker come in and talk with all residents at once regarding the procedure and what it takes to apply for benefits. The host must provide thirty days notice to the speaker, so the date gets added to the schedule.

What Services are Available Online?

Many services offered in-person are also available online. You can head to the website to gain access to a personalized account, change your address, or do any of the following:

apply for disability

apply for retirement benefits

see the cost-of-living adjustment

use the retirement estimator

estimate your life expectancy

use the many other calculators available

With so many services to choose from, any senior can get their tasks accomplished online rather than waiting for an extended period at an office location.

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