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Senior-Friendly Workplaces in New Orleans

As secure as a career can seem, the loss of a job is still a routine event in the course of a long work-life. While most of us find new employment and learn new skills quickly, this becomes increasingly difficult with advancing age.

The skills needed to compete on an even playing field with other job candidates tend to get rusty after spending a long time in the same job. Employers also tend to want younger, less experienced new hires as they are perceived as easier to train, and less apt to take time off.

The difficulties facing mature job-seekers are highlighted by a 2015 study conducted by AARP. The study confirms that older unemployed individuals take appreciably longer on average to find a new job. Furthermore, when mature workers do find a new job, it can pay considerably less than their previous salary level.

While these circumstances are an uncomfortable fact of life for senior job-seekers, it isn’t the end of the world. New Orleans seniors looking for work have access to a range of valuable resources and important information that will make the job search process much easier.

Keep reading to see what you can do to speed your way back to work.

What Resources Do New Orleans Seniors Have Available?

Make use of the internet to make your job search efficient and to find opportunities as soon as they’re offered.

Retired Brains is a source of jobs for seniors that encompass a broad range of work schedules and employment types. You can apply to seasonal, temporary, part or full-time positions. Retired Brains is also a source of informative articles and guides that can help you decide on a course of action that is right for your unique situation.

Workforce 50 is similar to retired brains but offers much more focused content aimed at the senior job-seeker. You can use the convenient search function to find a job that meets your scheduling, industry, and pay requirements.

The Senior Job Bank is dedicated to bringing seniors together with the companies that want to hire them. The website boasts a comprehensive directory of jobs from companies that have been solicited to list jobs reserved for job-seekers over age 50.

Paid Training for New Orleans Seniors

For low-income and unemployed seniors in New Orleans who need help acquiring the skills necessary to compete in the job market, there is the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP).

Seniors who participate in the SCSEP will enjoy up to two years of paid on-the-job training in a wide range of different industries. You can be placed in situations as diverse as state/federal government agencies and local schools or private business.

Other Options for New Orleans Mature Workers

Volunteering at hospitals, schools, and libraries can allow you to refresh your skills and demonstrate your value to potential employers. If you’ve been unemployed for a while, a volunteer job will be a recent entry on your resume that shows you’re ready to start a new job with current skills in current technology and ability to work a conventional workday.

With persistent determination and a creative approach, you should be able to get back into productive work in short-order.

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