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New Orleans Volunteer Opportunities for Seniors

As enjoyable as the prospect of endless free time can be, do you want your retirement to be the end of your productive life? Too much of anything is never good, and that is just as true about retirement.

Instead of retiring from life when you retire from work, why don’t you take advantage of your new found freedom to give back to the community, make new friends, and learn new skills?

Continue reading to learn more about what volunteer opportunities are available to New Orleans seniors, and how you can make a difference in your golden years.

New Orleans Schools Need You

New Orleans seniors are welcome in the New Orleans Public School System. Seniors are invaluable in providing tutoring services for students at risk, and keep the early literacy program working to give young learners a needed head start.

Your help will be appreciated on school trips, special events, and in many other roles. The cafeteria will enjoy helping hands in the kitchen, as lunch monitors, or keeping the cash registers working.

Bilingual seniors are essential in helping young, new Americans to become comfortable in their new school.

Help the Library Serve New Orleans

The New Orleans Public Library needs volunteers to properly serve as a center of research and relaxation for the residents of New Orleans. Handy seniors will be appreciated as book repair specialists. If you like interacting with children, you can volunteer to conduct children’s story time.

There is always a need for volunteers to help show older citizens how to use the computer to search the internet, send emails, and write using the word processor.

Help New Orleans Companion Animals

Animal Rescue New Orleans provides a critical service to the city’s most helpless inhabitants. Volunteer at Animal Rescue and lend a hand to the organization’s efforts to relieve the suffering of New Orleans abandoned and abused companion animals.

You can help socialize and groom shelter pets to increase the odds they’ll be adopted. Animals need to be fed and exercised, and you can help in this important role. Most importantly, you can help drive Rescue’s fundraising efforts to ensure that they can help as many animals as possible.


The New Orleans Museum of Art needs seniors who love art and culture to assist the Museum in providing New Orleans with a center of learning and culture. As a museum volunteer, you can guide visitor groups throughout the exhibit areas while explaining the relevance of the paintings and sculptures on display.

If you love art, culture, and history, the museum is the place for you.

Learn about Plants

The New Orleans Botanical Garden is heaven for seniors who love horticulture. Volunteer here to help maintain displays of exotic plants, learn how to care for various exotic species of plants, and enjoy a healthy physical activity in the fresh air.

What Do You Want to Do?

Find your passion and follow it. This is only a few of the volunteer opportunities you have in New Orleans; there are organizations in every imaginable field that need enthusiastic volunteers.

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