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New Orleans Veterans Benefits

New Orleans veterans have had an active role in the defense of our nation for over a hundred years. It’s a long-standing tradition in the United States to care for our vets after their period of service is over.

The benefits and aid that vets receive now is the continuation of a tradition of appreciating the men and women who protect our freedom.

Sadly, for many vets, it can be difficult to navigate the bureaucratic systems in place to learn about and access the benefits that they qualify for. Keep reading to learn about some of the invaluable assistance that’s available to New Orleans vets.

VA Health Services

VA Health Services provide essential medical treatment and health maintenance services for eligible veterans of the U.S. military. From the day they leave active duty to the day they leave this world, the VA Health Service will be there to help.

Senior aged vets who qualify will have access to a plethora of geriatric medical services. Eligible vets suffering from kidney disease will have the necessary drugs and dialysis to keep them alive. Vets with heart disease will benefit from state-of-the-art medical advances.

Medical care is one of the best ways that we can thank the men and women who stood on the front lines in the defense of our great nation.

VA Mental Health

Untreated mental illness destroys lives; the life of the sufferer and the lives of his/her loved ones. VA Mental Health Services exist to restore vets dealing with psychological and psychiatric problems to health as quickly as possible.

Whether the qualifying vet is dealing with the effects of post-traumatic stress disorder or emotional issues caused by experiences in or out of military service, VA Mental Health will help.

VA Mental Health helps vets involved with substance abuse to kick the habit and learn better ways to cope with life’s difficulties.

Small Business Administration Veteran Assistance

The American dream for many people is to own a business. The U.S. has a tradition of independence and entrepreneurship, and the Small Business Administration has several programs in place that can help.

Before servicemen separate from military service, they can take advantage of training and be mentored on base so they can hit the ground running. Female veterans and the wives of veterans can take advantage of special aid just for women who want to open a business.

Thanks to the Small Business Administration, U.S. vets can take part in the local economies and employ local people to improve the economy with honest production and services.

Help for Homeless New Orleans Vets

There is little worse than ending up homeless and on the streets. Unfortunately, many vets lose their living situations for a wide range of reasons. Typically, these homeless vets are dealing with serious issues and are in no condition to help themselves.

That’s where Support Homeless Veterans (SHV) comes in. SHV is a 100% donation funded initiative that actively seeks out homeless vets and tries their best to get them the help they need. SHV understands that many homeless vets just need access to the benefits they already qualify for, as well as temporary housing until they get back on track.

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