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New Orleans Senior Services

Retirement doesn’t mean you have to sit at home alone without any extra help, in fact, it means the exact opposite. In New Orleans, not only will you get to enjoy the vibrant and lively culture but you can find services geared towards your needs as a senior citizen. There are social opportunities, medical care, nutrition programs, and so much more right in your city. These are just ten of the services you can start with in New Orleans.

Advocacy Center of Louisiana doesn’t just work with the disabled but helps senior citizens over the age of 60 as well. They offer six different types of assistance that include information and referral, legal aid, systems advocacy, outreach and training, legislative education, and investigations into abuse or neglect.

Catholic Charities of New Orleans can help seniors that need a place to go during the day. Their adult day health care provides activities, supervision, and meals for seniors that can’t be left alone. You can also join their foster grandparent program and volunteer with children.

Governor’s Office of Elderly Affairs operates the Senior Community Service Employment Program. SCSEP helps seniors learn valuable workplace skills and helps them earn an income while they get job training.

Jewish Family Services of New Orleans helps both seniors and their family members with their services. Caregivers can use the Senior Care Planning program to coordinate care and schedules and seniors can use the Homemaker Assistance to stay in their home longer. They also have an emergency response system if you need help at any time of the day or night.

Meals on Wheels in New Orleans operates through the Area Agency on Aging. This service is for seniors that can’t make their meals or get out of the house. Seniors can get one meal a day and must be 60 or older to participate.

Mercy Endeavors allows seniors to meet with a care manager to discuss a variety of topics. You can learn about Medicare, Prescription Drug Assistance, Property Tax Exemptions, and much more. They also have online resources if you can’t make it to their office for an appointment.

Metropolitan Human Services District offers crisis care for eligible residents. If you’re experiencing a crisis, you can call Human Services, and they will put you in contact with a team of professionals to handle your case. They have phone assessments, home visits, respite care, and emergency room care.

New Orleans Council on Aging works to give seniors an extensive list of care. You can find community service opportunities, homemakers, nutrition counseling, social services, and more through here. Their online resources can help you find things like safe driver courses or emergency storm centers.

PACE is run by Catholic Charities and stands for Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly. PACE helps seniors wherever they are, either at home or a facility. They also have housing options and will work to ensure you have all the care you need.

People Program of New Orleans is a nonprofit organization for adults 50 and older who want a creative way to spend their time. This program has over 100 courses on their two campuses and includes everything from exercise to computers and art to games and languages. You pay a flat rate and can take as many classes as you would like.

The Big Easy is a great place to call home, especially for seniors. This list only touches on a few of the services, but you can contact the Council on Aging to find even more programs.

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