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New Orleans Senior Living

New Orleans is Louisiana's capital for everything music, food, and culture. Just like any major city across the United States, New Orleans houses a burgeoning aging population. For New Orleans seniors and their families, there is a myriad of options for senior living care. From senior centers, home health aide services, and assisted living communities, New Orleans's dedication to their senior population will complement your lifestyle, budget, and level of assistance. Here's our guide to selecting the best support New Orleans has to offer.

What Does Senior Living Cost in New Orleans?

From skilled care, home care, on-site nursing, and independent living communities, there are different types of services and associated costs. For example, a private room in a nursing home will cost up to $187 a day, or about $68,000 a year. Homemaker services will cost up to $37,752 a year, with adult health care being a more affordable option at just under $16,000 a year, according to Genworth Financial. Independent living communities and homemaker services are the ideal setups for seniors who want to experience a level of self-governance, with medical guidance that will help prevent the exasperation of health problems. For those who may need specialized care from progressive ailments like Alzheimer's and dementia, there are many nursing homes in New Orleans specializing in memory impairment. These sort of living situations dedicate 24-hour support and structured activities to ensure low levels of stress for the patient. Factors like the type of care required, medical complications, and age, can impact expenses. For the 32 percent of seniors living in New Orleans who are living alone, they may only need a helping hand to carry out day-to-day tasks like groceries, light housekeeping, and picking up medication from the pharmacy. Dedicated care facilities tend to have augmented costs due to expected care. Medicare and Medicaid are typically used to alleviate these costs, with Medicaid potentially paying 40 percent of charges.

Senior Living Options in New Orleans

Seniors have the choice of several levels of care. For instance, you might find an all-inclusive assisted living community, as well as opportunities for adult day services that will augment your independence without intervening. According to US News, there are more than 40 nursing homes in the New Orleans and the Louisiana Metropolitan area, with a dedicated staff that will make senior citizens feel safe, valued, and independent.

At Home and Community Services

Outside of dedicated living facilities, New Orleans also has several private and community services that are designed to help older adults live an independent life at home for as long as possible. Even though there are advantages to relocating to a community, many senior residents feel most comfortable while still living in a familiar setting. Homemaker services for nonintrusive care. Services like Helping Hands Nola and the Jewish Family Service of Greater New Orleans have several services that will focus on helping you feel better with a dedicated team who are committed to helping you. Some of the services include taking out the trash, changing linens, laundry, and light gardening work. Home health services for individual attention. These separate services focus on wound care, physical complications stemming from diabetes, as well as occupational therapy. Primary care practitioners help seniors manage chronic disease, with Louisiana's Pulse Home Care noting that several hours of clinician time per day can drastically improve the senior's quality of life. These services are inclusive of health education, adherence to policy, and the monitoring for positive results. Adult day services and programs for daily socialization. Almost a third of seniors living in New Orleans live alone, with nearly 7,000 seniors still working. Adult day services allow seniors to remove themselves from their busy lives and dedicate a couple of hours per week to activities that encourage socialization. Many of these adult day services include walks in many of New Orleans' famous parks like Palmer Park and Washington Square.

Inquiries: Ask about In-Home and Community Services in New Orleans

Before you invest time and money in a senior living situation, read up on reviews and personal testaments. Almost all the great senior living facilities in New Orleans have established organizations, making it easy to compare reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Will the service accept Medicaid and/or Medicare?

How involved can family members and caretakers be when it comes to creating a custom plan for loved ones? It is essential that families have a hands-on overview of any custom care plans, making sure that demands are met with appropriate solutions.

Is transportation available?

How thorough are practitioners and home health aides vetted? You want to ensure that you are transferring responsibility to a dedicated staff who are trained, educated, and aware of your family member's necessities.

Paying for Senior Care

There are typically four types of payment options for New Orleans seniors including Medicare, Medicaid, veterans assistance, and Social Security benefits. Medicare tends to be ideal for those who need intermittent services, with Medicaid being a viable solution for long-term care, as it is typically able to pay up to 40 percent of total nursing home costs. Veterans have the Improved Pension plan that provides financial assistance for those who require the aid of a facility to perform daily tasks.

Events and Local Volunteer Opportunities in New Orleans

New Orleans is the cultural epicenter of Louisiana, with an array of cultural events, dining options, art venues, and outside activities that will keep seniors living a productive, busy life after retirement. New Orleans Garden District will allow you to take a stroll through one of the most beautiful areas of the city, away from the bustling hubbub of downtown. For an immersive experience into New Orleans' past, the National World War II Museum and the Ogden Museum of Southern Art offer the opportunity for seniors and their families to learn about the city's history. Several exhibitions showcase antiquated recruitment posters, educational programs, and works produced by the American South. Take comfort in knowing that living out your life post-retirement in New Orleans won't be a boring one; it'll be a fruitful, busy life that will emphasize the value of your self-confidence, emotional, and physical well-being.

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