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New Orleans Rehab Centers

A licensed physical therapist can offer you services for rehabilitation. Whether you had an injury and needed to regain strength or a serious illness made you take a turn for the worse, a therapist will help you improve your coordination and control so you can return to normalcy. New Orleans offers various rehab centers with professional therapists who can help you.

Daily Services for Critical Care

Rehabilitation does not get completed in a day. You may need daily services to help get you back on track. Critical care patients could find themselves going to physical therapy seven days a week for several weeks before seeing significant results. The plan is to get the process underway as soon as possible so the body can recover quickly and with minimal pain.

New Orleans Facilities With the Best Ratings

Unity Nursing & Rehab Center provides one option in New Orleans. The moderate facility has 116 beds. You can go to this facility if you have Medicaid or Medicare, as they accept both.

Good Samaritan Rehab & Nursing Center is another choice. Therapists at this location assist those with both acute and chronic conditions. They work with patients on mobility, balance, coordination, and strength-building. An individualized course of therapy gets prescribed to ensure optimal results for each person.

With several valid options to choose from, you may be unsure of which one to pick. Consult with your doctor and see what his recommendations are in these circumstances. You can also ask family and friends to see if they have suggestions for a place. They might have other ideas for care that you hadn’t yet thought about until they mentioned it.

Attributes of a First-Rate Facility

You never want to settle for a second-rate service. Instead, be sure to find the attributes of a first-rate location before making your decision. These characteristics include:

Licensed by the state - Establishments operating without a permit could get shut down if the government found out there was no licensed obtained.

Certified for Medicare and Medicaid - Payments for these insurance providers cannot get accepted if the center does not have proper certification.

Friendly staff - You want a friendly staff who is courteous and answers all your questions so you can feel at ease.

Clean and maintained - A dirty facility is unhealthy and could lead to further health problems than you already have.

Good reputation - The place should have a solid reputation with others who reside there and those who have received services in the past.

Finding the Money for Rehabilitation Services

Insurance is going to be your best bet for finding money for your services. You can use the short-term coverage from Medicare to handle your costs. Medicare Part A handles this type of request as long as you have benefit days left and meet other requirements. Not everyone qualifies for Medicare coverage, meaning you will have to find an alternative method of payment. You may want to apply for Medicaid. The other option would be looking into private insurance companies. You need long-term care insurance to get full-time rehabilitative services.

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