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New Orleans Neighborhood Guide

The cuisine may draw many people into New Orleans, but they often stay for the quiet, yet fun atmosphere of Cajun living. Based on affordability, beautiful weather, and the presence of other retirees, reports say New Orleans is an ideal place to retire. With various neighborhoods to consider, it is important for you to explore your options before settling on the right one.

Noteworthy New Orleans Neighborhoods

The French Quarter is close to the downtown New Orleans hot spot. Many people choose to live here, so they are in close proximity to the main happenings in the city. You can walk through the busy streets and be surrounded by people from all walks of life. It offers a diverse locale with plenty of character.

The Central Business District provides the city’s commerce center. Some of the finest restaurants are located here in an effort to attract tourists and business people alike. If you want to be in on the action, this is the place to be. It is within walking distance of the French Quarter, so both options work if you are looking to live in a busy area to keep yourself surrounded by people and excitement.

Best New Orleans Neighborhoods for Seniors

Harahan proves to be an ideal location for the elderly based on the fact that the area is full of cozy cottages for single families to enjoy. The site sits right on the water, yet is only a few minutes drive away from the shops and entertainment venues in the city.

Lakewood earns the number one spot for livability in all of Louisiana. The neighborhood’s 85 rating includes an A+ in amenities, employment, and weather, with a straight A for housing. Transportation runs through the area, getting seniors to and from their destinations quickly. Coffee houses, shops, restaurants, and more make up the area.

One of the quietest neighborhoods in all of New Orleans, Algiers, has been around for centuries. It resembles the French Quarter but does not include the busy nightlife and bar options. Safety comes first in this part of town. It does not even touch most of New Orleans, as the Mississippi River separates it. You must take the ferry if you want to get into town. You get a life of leisure living here.

Considering All the Possibilities Before Settling on a Neighborhood

You want to be sure to consider all possibilities before you decide on an area. Not all are created equal. While some regions, like the Central Business District and the French Quarter, have an exciting feel thanks to the many tourists and residents colliding, not everyone enjoys living near the busy streets. You may instead want to explore the serene areas where you can enjoy views of water and nature and live a quiet life.

Look at the livability scores of each neighborhood and ask yourself which locale you truly desire. Consider the level of safety. Decide whether you want a small home near the heart of the city or a larger house in a residential area. Every aspect comes together to help you choose the right retirement community to match your chosen lifestyle.

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