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New Orleans In-Home Care

Seniors looking to remain in their homes can seek information on in-home care. Numerous options fill the New Orleans area, ensuring all seniors wanting to stay home rather than live in a nursing facility can do so. Many resources make this possible. It just requires a bit of research, receiving recommendations from family and friends, and seeking out options to find the right one for you.

Home Care Agency Options in New Orleans

A home health agency refers to any company that is state-owned and operated or a private or proprietary organization that provides skilled health care. Any company operating under this name must prove they got licensed by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, Health Standards Section. They must also meet all state and federal regulations.

While there are many home care agency options in New Orleans, it is important for seniors first to determine if the company is, in fact, licensed by the state of Louisiana. Once their validity has gotten verified, they are a safe option to consider. Based on reviews from previous or current clients or their family members, as listed on the Senior Advisor website, it is easy to see some of the typical care requests of many seniors:

Professional: “They have all been very professional,” states a daughter of a home care recipient.

Gentle: One reviewer writes that the caregivers have been “gentle.”

Helpful: “The information they sent us has been helpful,” indicates a client.

Reliable: Another client discusses how the caregivers “were reliable.”

Accommodating: “The workers.. were very accommodating to my always changing needs,” tells a care recipient.

A professional, gentle, helpful, reliable, and accommodating caregiver is who many seniors seek. It is important to have someone that is trustworthy, and who will be there every step of the way. Caregivers are not only health care providers, but also companions for many patients.

Finding Care That Meets Your Schedule

Not all care is equal. Some people require far more services than others. While one person may do well with a caregiver that comes weekly to check vital signs and administer medication, another may need a daily visit and assistance with multiple activities, such as bathing, dressing, and meal preparation. All seniors can schedule a caregiver that meets their schedule. They can choose to have someone tend to their daily needs, or only request a health aide that monitors health aspects. It is entirely up to each person as to what services are necessary.

Adding In-Home Care to Your Senior Toolbox

The senior tool box includes all resources and helpful businesses that can make life easier. In-home care is just one addition to that toolbox. There are multiple aspects to consider adding, including:

Direct-hire caregivers

Agency caregivers

Local concierge services

Online shopping services

Direct-hire caregivers are employees people hire themselves. They cut out the agency and handle the entire hiring process on their own. Direct hiring is a valid option for anyone who wants to save money, as there is no agency fee. However, background checks, the interview process, and payments are all handled by the person doing the hiring. The length of time it takes to complete the process could prove too much to handle.

Agency caregivers get properly vetted. Each one receives a thorough background check to ensure they are capable of handling the necessary services. Agencies want to be sure they are providing caregivers that are safe and reliable. It costs more to utilize this service, but the price is well worth it to have a dependable person coming on a regular basis to meet care needs.

Local concierge services handle numerous tasks. New Orleans has many concierge services in the area able to assist with travel, manage finances, purchase groceries, make meals, and much more. Seniors may utilize these services for the majority of their daily needs, only requiring a caregiver for health concerns.

Online shopping services include sites like Amazon, where their Prime feature ships goods within just two days. Seniors do not have to hire someone to shop for them if they can do it all online, ordering their groceries, home goods, and even pet supplies right from the Internet.

New Orleans In-Home Care Costs and How to Pay

The cost of New Orleans’ in-home care reaches higher amounts than the United States’ average. The median range is $16 per hour, equalling over $37,000 for the year. The price is relevant for both homemaker services and home health aide offerings. A cheaper alternative is for a family caregiver to handle all care needs, only putting their loved one in an adult day care facility while they are away. Adult day options are around $60 per day, totaling $15,600 per year. While this option saves money, it is not always possible for every person.

Seniors needing to pay for in-home care can do so easier with the help of insurance. There are two main insurance options available in New Orleans. Medicare is the primary solution. Multiple plan options exist, requiring people to sign up and see which ones they qualify to receive. The People’s Choice HMO Plan is available to New Orleans residents, with a $0 monthly premium. They also offer a Premium option, Advantage Plan, and Special Needs Plan. The online enrollment form lets you apply easily.

Medicaid is the second option. This insurance type is not just for women and children as many people believe. Seniors older than age 64 can apply, as can those who have a disability. It covers much of the long-term care that Medicare does not. Residents can apply online or visit the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. Its location is 1450 Poydras St. You can also call (225) 342-9500 to discuss enrollment eligibility and learn more. Programs offered by the Office of Aging and Adult Services and the Office for Citizens with Developmental Disabilities are included. Options like adult day health care and community choice waivers may be discussed.

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