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Regular checkups from your doctor are an important part of your health routine. However, just as you change how you handle your finances after retirement, you need to change how you approach your health as you enter late middle age.

The doctor who knew you inside and out throughout your adult years doesn’t usually have the training to understand the health concerns specific to old age. New Orleans seniors need to replace their doctors with geriatricians. A geriatrician is a physician specially trained to diagnose and treat the medical conditions of old age.

New Orleans seniors are lucky that they have access to some of the best geriatric medical care in Louisiana, all conveniently located.

Keep reading to learn about some of the great geriatric medical care providers in New Orleans.

New Orleans Hospitals for Senior Care

A great source of information about hospitals and doctors all across America is US News and World Report; they maintain a directory with both national and regional rankings for important medical conditions and procedures.

Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans is nationally ranked in three adult specialties, and ranked high-performing in seven other adult specialties.

Ochsner Medical is ranked high-performing for:


Diabetes & Endocrinology



Ochsner Medical is regionally ranked #1 in Louisiana and ranked #1 in metro New Orleans

Ochsner Medical has scored high for patient safety and has consistently demonstrated a commitment to reducing medical mistakes.

East Jefferson General Hospital is regionally ranked by US News and World Report as #3 in Louisiana and #2 in the New Orleans metro area. East Jefferson is rated high-performing in four adult procedures and conditions.

Opening their doors in 1971 with only 250 beds and not as many doctors, East Jefferson now has over 400 beds and almost 700 physicians.

East Jefferson is Louisiana’s first Nurse Magnet Hospital, having been accredited by the American Nurses Credentialing Center in 2002.

East Jefferson is rated high performing for the treatment of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), heart failure, knee replacement, and hip replacement.

Considering the prevalence of all these conditions in the senior community, East Jefferson is a great place to receive geriatric medical care.

Finding a Geriatrician in New Orleans

Finding the right geriatric medical care in New Orleans doesn’t have to be an ordeal. Start by using the internet; find the websites of your local hospitals and locate the geriatric department directory. You should find multiple geriatric specialists who can be your geriatrician.

There are also online search tools designed to help seniors find medical care providers. US News and World Report has a great doctor finder that will also show you the regional and national rankings for each one. offers an easy to use search function that will help you to quickly narrow your search down to the best physician for your needs.

Finally, speak to people you trust and ask their opinion. People who already use a geriatrician are a great source of information.

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