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New Orleans End-of-Life Care

Hospice is one of the options for care for people that are facing the end of their life. This care combines both medical and emotional care not just for the patient but for their family members as well. You can choose to stay in your home or move to a nursing home or assisted living setting to receive your care. You will also get a full team of doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, therapists, and counselors to help with anything you or your family needs.

Hospice has many benefits to those who use it. In fact, the National Association of Home Care and Hospice found that hospice patients got a better quality of care and had less pain overall due to proper palliative care. These patients also experienced less depression and lived longer than patients who didn’t get hospice care.

Searching For Hospice Care

There are a few important things you should look for when considering hospice care. All hospice agencies in the state of Louisiana need to be licensed by the Department of Health and Hospitals. Any provider that won’t show you their license is not worth your time. You can also check the provider list on the Community Health Accreditation Partner website to find hospice care that has been reviewed and accredited by this independent board.

Beyond all the proper legal work, you need a hospice agency that provides a high quality of compassionate care. Your provider should also be capable of coordinating all the different care schedules you have. Talk to your doctor to get referrals and get suggestions from trusted friends and family members. Online reviews are another tool you can use to find a provider that fits your needs.

How Much Does Hospice Cost And How Can I Pay?

Hospice care will be more expensive than other care because you need more services and caregivers during this time. Your location and particular care will factor into your total cost, but the average daily cost tends to be around $160.

You can find programs to help defray the cost of hospice or cover it completely. Medicare Part A policyholders can get all their hospice care included but will still have to pay a small copay for medicine and care. Private insurances also typically cover hospice so check your policy. Low-income seniors can use Medicaid benefits to pay for hospice, and if you’re a veteran, you can use TRICARE.

If none of these options work for you, ask the hospice agency if they are willing to work with you. Some providers can create a payment plan or operate on a sliding scale pay rate to fit your budget. There are some instances where you might be eligible for charitable care.

Hospice Care In New Orleans

When it comes to hospice care in New Orleans, you have a few options. You can choose to get your care in a hospital, or you can go to a setting like a nursing home or assisted living facility. HomeLife in The Gardens is an assisted living facility that offers hospice to their residents. There are also Alzheimer’s care facilities like Peristyle Residence Lakeview House that provide hospice care.

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