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Medicaid in New Orleans

Prescription drugs, hospitalization costs, physician services, and nursing home care are just a few of the medical needs of a senior citizen. The New Orleans Medicaid program covers seniors with a low income that cannot afford care on their own. The city has numerous resources available to help older people in the area find the information they need on applying for and receiving benefits.

Qualifying for Louisiana Medicaid

Louisiana residents in need of Medicaid must meet qualifications if they wish to obtain the insurance. They must be over the age of 65 and have low income, below $16,000. People with disabilities may also apply to receive services.

Filling Out Applications and Filing Claims

You can fill out an application or file a claim through the Louisiana Department of Health. There are four ways to apply, including:



by mail

by phone

The LA Medicaid online application requires site registration. Provide your name, address, email, phone number, and social security, and you can gain access to the application available. If you wish to apply by mail, you must print out the form and fill it out in ink. Send it to the Medicaid Application Office once you have finished. You can even fax a copy to them at 1-877-523-2987. Numerous Greater New Orleans area application centers fill the town:

A Community Approach to Care - 4650 General DeGaulle Dr.; (504) 393-6511

A Home Care Alternative of GNO - 137 N Clark Street, Ste. U-6; (504) 373-6527

CrescentCare - 3308 Tulane Ave; (504) 293-6863

Healthy Start New Orleans East - 5640 Read Blvd. Ste. 540; (504) 658-2705

LSU Healthcare Network Behavioral Science Center - 3450 Chestnut St; (504) 412-1580

Check out the full application centers list for all possibilities in and around New Orleans.

The physical address for the Louisiana Department of Health is 628 N. 4th Street, located in Baton Rouge. You can visit this location as well to obtain information and assistance. Call them at 225-342-9500. There is even a Medicaid customer service number, 1-888-342-6207.

Senior Services

Seniors participating in the Medicaid program receive standard coverage. They get doctor visits, prescriptions, dental visits, lab work, and x-rays. To determine eligibility for extended senior services, such as adult day care, in-home caregiving, and hospice care, you must speak with your provider to discuss your need. Once your need gets established, you can discuss options with Medicaid to see how much they will cover.

Free Rides to Medical Appointments

Medicaid covers free rides to medical appointments for those who genuinely need them. If you can catch a ride with a family member or ride the bus, do not utilize this service. There are far too many people currently requesting rides, filling up the schedule and leaving little time for drivers to make it to the appointments on time.

You can contact Louisiana Healthcare Connections at 1-855-369-3723 to speak with someone about getting a ride. You need to call 48 hours in advance or sooner. Failure to do so may result in no transportation options available. When calling the helpline, be sure to specify what type of vehicle you need. Certain individuals may not be able to ride in a standard vehicle, and will instead need wheelchair access.

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