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How to Get Around New Orleans Without Driving

Three hundred and fifty miles span New Orleans. Live music and a vibrant nightlife keep people coming to the city often in need of transportation to make their way back home after a fun night out. Residents and tourists alike can utilize the transportation services in New Orleans, taking either the bus, a taxi, or another type of shuttle service to the appropriate destination. Let’s take a look at some of the options New Orleans has to offer.

New Orleans Regional Transit Authority

Wait at one of the many bus stops around town, head online to purchase a pass, or use the new GoMobile app to buy tickets in seconds. The New Orleans Regional Transit Authority offers bus services throughout the city, with 32 different bus lines included on the list. Each one takes a different route, such as the New Orleans East Owl heading between Walmart and the Winn Dixie, and the Tchoupitoulas going from Audubon Park to Canal at Magazine.

Cabs and Taxis

Numerous cab and taxi services fill the New Orleans area. Most remain open 24 hours a day, ensuring all residents and tourists alike can get home at any hour. Whether you’ve been out for the night or simply got stranded, call one of the companies, and a driver will pick you up and bring you home quickly. American Taxi Cab is one of the best rated in the city, primarily offering airport shuttle service between airports and hotels in the area. They also offer private transport services at competitive prices.

OnCabs New Orleans provides another high-quality service. You can get a rate right online by entering your pickup location, drop-off address, and whether you need a cab now or later. You even get $5 off for your first ride. Get the FlitWays app and get instant access to booking and payment options. It’s the new way to ride.

Transporting Seniors to Appointments

Seniors hoping to make it to a medical appointment may need to call upon senior-centered services rather than the typical bus system. Home health care aids are some of the first you should reach out to if you need to see your doctor. The caregiver will help you get to the location safely. Dependable Assisted Living provides one option in New Orleans. Contact the company to see about scheduling your services immediately, so you always know you have someone available to take you.

New Orleans Council on Aging Provides Assistance

Contact the NOCOA to find help with transportation. They have information regarding all resources in the city that offer support to seniors. They may suggest calling the Office of Aging and Adult Services to discuss available options. You can reach them at 504-568-8568. You can also reach the Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals at 225-342-5774 to see about getting rides to medical appointments. Free transportation is often given to seniors who cannot handle long bus rides or do not have the means to pay for a taxi cab.

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