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Best of New Orleans Senior Living

Finding the best senior living community should be your goal when you start thinking about moving. Not all options are for everyone, with some offering advanced care and others being much more lenient. Pick your choice based on what you truly need and where you feel you will be the happiest. details all Best of 2017 award winners in New Orleans and other cities across the United States. Check it out to see which locations made the cut.

Providers That Offer Regular Assistance

Some people need more help than others. Personal care, such as bathing and dressing, becomes too difficult to accomplish. Providers that offer daily support for these tasks are known as assisted living establishments. The nurses and staff members on-site each day perform these duties so the residents can keep their strength for other tasks, such as working on their wellness and engaging with others.

Just over 30 miles away, Live Oak Village of Slidell earned the Best of 2017 Award for Assisted Living. There are 37 assisted living apartments typically available. There are two-floor plans to choose from, either a small studio apartment or a one bedroom with about 35 extra square feet of space.

Residents and family members agree that a facility is an excellent option. They say the staff is helpful and courteous and provides prompt service to everyone. “The staff.. has been so helpful in providing the best care for our mother’s needs and well-being,” writes one family. “The staff here is friendly, professional and very attentive to the needs of the residents!” says another reviewer.

Park Provence, also in Slidell, also achieved the assisted living award. A wooded area surrounds the facility, so people have plenty of grounds to walk. There are paths that wind around the building, so you can take a stroll when you desire. There is also a pond nearby that offers a serene setting to enjoy. Daily activities also give residents something to fill their time. You do not have to participate, but it is encouraged to try out at least one activity. You can quickly find a new hobby or even some new friends by participating.

The staff is very friendly and courteous. Their “interactions with residents seemed more like family members than clients,” states one visitor. Another person agrees, saying, “the staff treats them like they are their own family… The staff knows everyone by name and greets them with smiles every day.”

Providers That Handle Alzheimer’s Care

Other senior living communities focus on Alzheimer’s and memory care. Their skilled nurses stay on-site 24 hours a day to monitor all residents and their surroundings. Safety measures are vital to the overall health and well-being of the residents in this setting.

Live Oak Village of Slidell operates as a memory care facility as well. There are 13 beds for Alzheimer’s patients or those who experience memory loss for other reasons. The studio apartments are given to these residents, as a lot of time gets spent outside their rooms. The staff puts a focus on keeping people busy and engaged as it helps them retain their strength and as much of their memories as possible. They do their best to provide a therapeutic atmosphere that keeps residents focused on their wellness goals.

One reviewer says the facility “has been a blessing to my mother and our whole family.” She says she recommends the location to “anyone looking for a facility that will treat your loved one like family.” Another person says the staff frequently checks on their mother, and even “meet with [her] once a month just to give an update.”

Providers That Allow Independent Living

Not all seniors need assistance. Many just want to reside in a community where others have the same interests and hobbies as them. Independent living allows you to socialize with other retirees when you want and return to your apartment when you’re finished. There are staff members around to offer assistance if truly needed, but you are otherwise free to go about your daily life, even frequently making trips into the city.

Landing at Behrman Place earned the Best of title not only in 2017, but also all years prior in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. It is considered the best independent living facility in all of New Orleans. The all-inclusive community is just minutes away from the city’s top shops, restaurants, and even the hospital. Residents receive three prepared meals a day from a renowned chef. There is also a beauty salon on-site, free transportation available, and daily activities.

Many family members agree their loved ones are doing well at the Landing. One woman says her mother is gaining back her mobility after residing there for a few months. “Getting out of her apartment to take part in activities each day and eat in the dining room each day has helped her mobility,” she shares.

Providers That Operate Group Homes

Staying in a facility is not for everyone. If you would rather live in a senior group home, look at the providers who offer this choice. These types of places provide a homey feel that makes you feel at ease. You get your own room and share the site with just a few other residents.

No senior group homes near New Orleans have won an award in recent years for being the best. There are only a handful of options in the area. There are, however, a few well-rated possibilities you can check into if you desire. Henican House in Metairie is the best choice. The ranch-style home allows eight residents to each have their own spacious rooms. Everyone can enjoy family-style meals together at the dining table and afterward spend time exploring the picturesque garden area outdoors. You can even take to gardening if you like.

Countless cities across the U.S. won the Best of Senior Living Award in 2017. You can look at for the complete list and see for yourself which places are the top options in your city.

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