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Top Nashville Senior Discounts

Many of the seniors in this country have not forgotten the days of the Great Depression where they scrimped and saved in order to survive some of the most difficult financial crises of their time. Today’s seniors have reverted back to many of the tips and tricks they learned during the hard financial times of their youth to stretch their dollars while living on a fixed income. They are investing in energy saving light bulbs, improving home insulation and energy, buying groceries on sale, and using coupons and rebates. They are using senior discounts for everything from housewares and hardware to food and entertainment. Every discount helps.

Ask for Senior Discounts

Most companies and services will give discounts for seniors even when they don’t advertise them up front. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Seniors may want to think about asking for a discount next time they use a heating or air conditioning service, airline, carpet cleaner, car rental, cell phone company, car wash, hair salon, liquor store, roofer, and car mechanics. Seniors can also take advantage of senior discounts at these establishments:


Kroger’s has Senior Day every Wednesday for seniors age 60 and older, when they enroll in the Senior Discount program where they can get 5% off.

Publix Super Markets gives 5% off purchases on Wednesdays for seniors over the age of 60.

Harris Teeter gives their senior discounts on Thursdays. Seniors age 60 and over get 5% off their purchases.


The First Center for the Visual Arts gives seniors age 65 and older admission of just $7. If they opt to go on Senior Mondays, which are held on the third Monday of the month, the admission is just $5 for seniors age 50 and older. That’s not all! They also get 15% off their gift shop purchases and another $3 off parking.

The Parthenon admission is just $4 for seniors age 62 and older, which is a $2 savings.

Retail Stores

Belk is a department store that offers discounts for seniors age 55 and older. The date varies, but it is usually the first Tuesday of the month. Discounts are 20% off most items and 10-15% off other items on regular and sale-priced items. The discounts don’t apply to clearance items.

Ross Dress for Less is a nice dress shop that gives seniors age 55 and older 10% off every Tuesday when they sign-up for the Every Tuesday Club.

Kohl’s is a high quality department store that gives senior shoppers 15% off every Tuesday and on certain Wednesdays.

Goodwill Store gives their senior discounts every day. Seniors age 60 and older receive 10% off their purchases. Seniors that shop on Thursday can double the savings and get 20% off.

ThriftSmart isn’t as well- known as Goodwill, but they offer a great deal on Wednesdays for seniors age 55 and over. Seniors get 30% off every Wednesday.

Senior Breakfast

The Krystal restaurant offers a sweet deal for Nashville seniors who arrive between 6am and 10:30am. They can get one egg, choice of sausage or bacon, toast, grits or hashbrowns, and coffee for just $3.27 including tax. That’s a great deal!

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