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Social Security for Nashville Seniors

Today’s seniors are financially savvy. In facing the reality of living on a fixed income, many of them are exploring out-of-state options, other than Florida and Arizona, where they will be able to reserve more of their income. Many of them will find that Nashville, Tennessee, is the perfect place for them to enjoy retirement. Tennessee offers the third lowest tax burden in the country. In other tax benefits, seniors can transfer inheritances to a spouse without being taxed.

How to Get to the Nashville Social Security Office

Nashville Social Security Office 120 Athens Way Nashville, TN 37228

Nashville Social Security local phone (877) 808-5461 Nashville Social Security national phone (800) 772-1213 Nashville Social Security TTY phone (877) 293-5741

Directions: From I-65/I-40 take exit 85, Rosa Parks Blvd. Follow Rosa Parks Blvd. North, approximately one mile. The office is the last building on the right.

The office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9:00 am until 4:00 pm, and on Wednesdays from 9:00 am until noon. The office is closed on weekends and on all federal holidays.

Social Security Benefit Calculations

Workers that pay Social Security tax from their income earn credit for each year that they work. Employees can earn up to four credits per year, but they must earn at least 40 credits before becoming eligible to collect Social Security benefits, so an employee must work a minimum of ten years before being able to apply for Social Security benefits at retirement. Earning $1,220 gives you one credit and earning up to $4,880 gives you the full four credits for the year.

Social Security benefits you the longer that you work. Your benefits are based upon your best 35 years of income. Those years don’t have to be consecutive—they will just be the highest-earning years. Showing earnings for less than 35 years, counts years with no earnings at zero. This means that if you work part-time as a means for phasing into retirement, your part-time earnings won’t affect your benefit if you have 35 other years of higher income amounts. That also means that if you claim benefits, are still working, and make more than prior years, your benefits will be adjusted upward.

The maximum benefit amount you can receive depends on the age that you retire. The maximum tops out at $2,663 for someone who retires at full retirement age.

Convenience at MySocialSecurity

Many of the Social Security offices have been reducing their office hours. The Social Security Administration offers an online system, called MySocialSecurity, that allows workers to manage many tasks online that could formerly only be done at your local Social Security office.

Visit the site and set-up your secure online account. You can even set up your account well before retirement age to monitor your account. MySocialSecurity allows youa to get a replacement Social Security card, get your Social Security Statement, and estimate your future benefits. You can also use the site to obtain a benefit verification letter.

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