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Senior Friendly Workplaces in Nashville

Finding employment in Tennessee can be challenging, regardless of a person’s age. However, when a senior reaches the age of 55, it can become even more challenging. This may be because the person has not had to apply for a job in sometime or that they may not have the skills that current employers are looking for. These factors make the job hunt quite daunting for some seniors.

Fortunately, this information does not have to be true for everyone who is over the age of 55 in Nashville. In fact, with some of the information here anyone can find a job and receive help with the process along the way. There are several locations, organizations and services throughout the area for seniors to find information and successfully begin their reentry into the workforce.

Help and Information for 50+ Job Seekers

Seniors who are seeking work information and opportunities, may find it beneficial to dial “211.” This is an easy-to-remember phone number that connects the elderly community in Nashville with professionals and resources in the community that can assist with helping the individual find employment opportunities. When dialing this number, seniors can find out how to connect with the United Way of America, the Alliance for Information and Referral Systems, and other departments.

Paid Opportunities for Seniors Looking for a Job

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is a type of employment training program for unemployed, low-income seniors who are over the age of 55. It provides part-time, subsidized work experience for a limited amount of time through community service. Those who participate learn new talents and skills or work to enhance their existing ones thanks to on-the-job training. This helps them gain a competitive edge in today’s extremely competitive workplace. During their time in the program, they will earn minimum wage and receive a job that matches closely with their ability, interests and goals.

Addition Information and Options for Senior Workers

There are a number of other opportunities in Nashville for seniors who wish to work. For example, Ticket to Work helps seniors gain employment training and provides assistance work opportunities for those who receive SSI benefits of Social Security up to the age of 64.

The We Hire Heroes program offers a Job Board for retired and unemployed veterans in the Nashville area. This service has been helping veterans all across the nation for decades and extends its reach to senior veterans in Nashville.

There are also resources available at the Area Agency on Aging in Tennessee. Here seniors will be able to get the information they need to begin the hunt for the job they want and that they will enjoy.

There are plenty of opportunities for seniors to find work when they know where to look and what resources to use. The organizations listed here have the network connections to help mature workers find the jobs they want and need.

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