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Nashville Hospitals

Nashville offers a wide array of hospitals, geriatricians, nursing homes, and other valuable health care resources to seniors. The older people get, the more care options they need. The city boasts a large number of senior resources for those who need the extra care.

Hospitals in Nashville

Nashville General Hospital is one of the first options people find. Ambulatory services, emergency care, and more are offered at the location. The Bone and Joint Center within the hospital is one of the common locations where elderly patients are seen. Arthritis, bone cancer, and different degenerative diseases tend to plague people as they age. There is also a Critical Care Unit, Rehabilitation Therapy, Cancer Clinic, Urology Department, Neurology, and Dermatology.

Medical centers are also included in the list of hospitals, beginning with TriStar Southern Hills. This location offers doctors that specialize in geriatric medicine and emergency services. Patients can receive rehabilitation services, emergency care, and imaging services.

The community is served 24 hours a day in order to meet each patient’s needs. Physical therapy is one of the main requirements for many elderly citizens within the community. Whether someone suffers a fall, has a debilitating illness, or has otherwise incurred an injury, physical therapy will help to regain strength and improve a person’s range of motion.

St. Thomas Midtown Hospital was formerly known as Baptist Hospital. It is a Christian ministry that serves people of all ages, including seniors. Pastoral Care is an important service offered at the facility, allowing patients to feel more at ease with the prognosis they are given. Both spiritual and emotional support is provided. A number of additional specialties are offered, including Behavioral Health, Chest Pain and Stroke Network, Emergency Services, a Mobile Health Unit, Nursing Home, Palliative Care, and Wellness Centers. The nursing home at St. Thomas has 40 beds for patients who require extended care.

Geriatricians in Nashville

Some geriatricians do not work in a hospital setting, but instead head to homes and nursing facilities in order to provide services. The Geriatric Consulting Group makes house calls to patients who require care services. Patients may also be seen in the office, if that is a better option. Wound care, medication management, physical therapy, and assistance with medical equipment is all provided as needed.

Heritage Medical Associates is a medical office that offers geriatric care. Physicians in the office specialize in Rheumatology/Arthritis, Neurology, Dermatology, Behavioral Medicine, and Diagnostic Imaging. Each of these specialties come in handy as people age and begin suffering from a number of health concerns. Arthritis is one of the biggest problems that impact the elderly, as joints become weak and painful.

Finding Your Own Geriatrician in Nashville

Some people prefer to search through a list of physicians until they find one that meets their needs. This could include hours of operation, location, and even reviews from others regarding how well they treat their patients. You can find your own geriatrician in Nashville by searching through a list of available physicians and searching for one that specializes in geriatric medicine.

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