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Nashville Hospice Care

Hospice care can be a great thing for both seniors reaching their last stages of life as well as their families. While family members like to believe they are able to provide all the comfort and support that their loved one needs, there are some things that can interfere with delivering adequate support. With day jobs, other responsibilities, and a lack of access to medicines and treatments, professional help can help exponentially.

A hospice care team is important for providing end of life support, including reducing pain and maximizing comfort. It can also be incredibly helpful for family members that want to focus on spending all of their time with their aging loved ones. However, to get the most out of your hospice care, the first step is understanding how it works.

Who Provides Hospice Care

The hospice needs of each individual will differ from person to person, so the services that you need will not look the same as someone else’s. Your hospice care team will be designed to fit your needs and to provide the specific service that you need. While your team may look larger or smaller than others, each individual will have their own role.

Doctors and hospice doctors will work together to create a plan that gives you the level of care that you need. They will look at your conditions or illnesses, and what can be done to reduce the level of pain and stress that they cause. The use of nurses and home health aides will help your doctors carry out your hospice care plan.

Additional services may be provided by homemaking aides. If the family needs assistance keeping the home clean or cooking meals for the senior, a homemaking aide can provide some relief. Volunteers can also help the family with running errands, grocery shopping, or additional chores.

Social workers and counselors can help individuals who need an extra ear to listen or some guidance through the difficult time. They can answer questions, provide advice, and let them know what they should expect.

Other community members, like neighbors and family members, are other crucial components of a care team.

Where to Find Hospice Care

Selecting the right hospice care for you and your family is incredibly important. For the last care that you will receive, you want to ensure that you are receiving quality attention. Discuss your needs with your doctor and listen to any recommendations or requests that your medical team may have for the hospice care you select.

There are a number of options for hospice care in the Nashville area, but be sure to find the organization that fits your needs. If you are a veteran, consult the VA to see if you qualify for their hospice services. Additional resources can be found at

Financing Your Hospice Care

During the end of life, there are enough things to worry about than focusing on how to pay for your hospice care. There are a number of hospice options available to you, many of them accepting most private health insurance plans or Medicare. Other programs are designed specifically for those who may struggle to find the resources to pay for their hospice care. Be sure to explore all your options and ensure you select a program that fits your needs and budget.

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