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Medicare in Nashville

Over 89,00 people in Davidson County were on the Medicare program in 2014, most of whom were seniors in the area. If you’re doing research for someone you care about, or for yourself, about the program there are online tools and local help available. You can easily find information on coverage, and participating nursing homes, doctors, and hospitals through these resources.

Medicare Program Basics

A federal insurance program designed for American seniors over the age of 65 (and some younger adults to qualify based on a narrow set of criteria), Medicare coverage is divided into four main parts: Medicare A, B, C, and D.

Part A Coverage: Hospital care provided on an inpatient basis, limited skilled nursing and home health care that meet eligibility requirements, and hospice services. Part B Coverage: Many doctor and specialist visits, some outpatient services, medical supplies, and well checks. Part C Coverage: Seniors can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan through which their Parts A and B will be privately covered, and they could also have access to prescription coverage through the optional plan. Part D Coverage: A monthly, optional add-on for prescription drug coverage.

Nashville Medicare fast figures for beneficiaries

Davidson County had 89,170 Medicare recipients in 2014. In 2014, the average age of Medicare beneficiaries in Davidson County was 72. 36% of Medicare funding in Davidson County are used on inpatient care. 11% of Medicare funding in Davidson County are used on home health care. Seven percent of funding in Davidson County are used on skilled nursing care.

Nashville Medicare services and the where to find them

Seniors who need in-person assistance with Medicare questions, or applying for benefits have two options. You can either visit the Tennessee Department of Human Services or the Tennessee Department of Aging and Disability, both located in Nashville. Tennessee Department of Human Services Commissioner’s Office 400 Deaderick Street, 15th Floor Nashville, TN 37243 Toll-Free: (866) 311-4287 Local: (615) 313-4700 Fax: (615) 741-4165 website:

Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability Andrew Jackson Building 500 Deaderick Street, Suite 825 Nashville, TN 37243 Toll-Free: (877) 801-0044 Local: (615) 741-2056 website:

How to find Medicare providers in Nashville

The Physician Compare tool available online is an excellent way to find doctors who accept Medicare in the Nashville area. In a quick query of a 15-mile radius you’ll find 14 doctors specializing in geriatric care, and over 170 who have family practices who accept direct assignment from Medicare and will see you without any additional costs. If you include Medicare-friendly doctors in your search who do not participate in the fee-for-service program, and may have some additional fees associated with a visit, you’ll have access to over 180 providers. Just be aware that you’ll be responsible for the costs if you visit a doctor who is outside the fee-for-service program.

Through the search feature, you can explore doctors and see their practice details including location, contact information, if they accept fee-for-service Medicare payments, where they have hospital privileges, and any other doctors in their same group. You can compare them with other doctors in their group practice through the tool, and expanded functionality will be available soon that allows you to compare doctors in other practices as well.

Medicare also has a listing of their certified nursing homes, including details on their inspection history, overall performance, staffing, and resident care quality available. If you’re looking for listings of Medicare-friendly hospitals, medical equipment suppliers, dialysis centers, or home health care services, there are tools available to help you as well.

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