Alzheimer's Care near Nashua, NH

Like most diseases typically associated with chronic memory impairment, Alzheimer's is progressive in nature. At the early onset of the condition, seniors may be able to live independently. Yet over time, the gradual worsening of the condition makes it so that golden agers with the affliction will eventually need to receive round-the-clock supervision and care. For caregiving families, this is a shift that can cause a great deal of undue stress, both physically and emotionally if they attempt to provide this care on their own. Fortunately, the Alzheimer's care communities in Nashua, New Hampshire are able to help lessen this burden.

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Best of 2018

Langdon Place of Nashua is a senior living facility with a homey atmosphere that is enhanced with private entrances, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. They offer a variety of services based on needs of the residents. Whether it is assistance with bathing and dressing or a reminder to take medications, Langdon Place is a nice environment for seniors. They also provide physical, occupational and speech therapy, and they take care of housekeeping and offer transportation services to residents.

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Nashua at a Glance

Nashua's roots can be traced to the textile industry, but that is in no way what defines this town of about 86,000 residents today. In fact, its true calling card may be linked to the fact that the city essentially carries the type of quaint, rustic vibe that one may expect to experience when visiting New England.

Indeed, a lot of elements that are typically associated with this region of the country are in full effect in Nashua. For example, the city runs along the Merrimack River, and the Nashua River runs directly through the town. Nashua has essentially built its modern existence around the latter river, as it has built up its downtown area around the river to include historic buildings, unique boutique shops, and local restaurants - all elements that give the city an effusive charm. This strategy has given Nashua a sterling reputation for being one of the most pleasant places in the country to live.

Why Alzheimer's Care Matters

Although the development of Alzheimer's disease, dementia, and other afflictions marked by chronic memory impairment is not rare - studies indicate that one in every eight person over 64 gets diagnosed with Alzheimer's - more golden agers are holding off from transitioning to senior living communities that specialize in providing Alzheimer's care. As a result, the number of memory loss disorders has increased significantly within Nashua’s assisted living communities.

In order to counteract this, many assisted living communities in Nashua have responded by adding Alzheimer’s care along with their typical assisted living care. By making both types of care available for golden agers, these facilities are in a position to provide a sense of continuity for seniors that transition from the early stages of chronic memory impairment to the latter stages, when round-the-clock care and supervision become of the essence. This service expansion is particularly poignant for spouses of afflicted seniors who may be living in the assisted living facilities, because they can still be close to their loved one even if their needs are different.

And like stand-alone Alzheimer's care facilities, these combined communities offer a dignified living experience to seniors afflicted by chronic memory impairment. The community staff are fully trained to provide seniors aid in every aspect of living, from bathing to dressing.

Ultimately, the Alzheimer's care community in Nashua, New Hampshire is designed to provide a dignified living experience to golden agers with memory loss-related afflictions. Along the way, they provide a sense of relief to caregiving families by providing their senior-aged loved ones with a living space that is safe and secure.