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Social Security for Naples Seniors

Social Security benefits are something that people all over the country rely on. While Social Security is offered for a number of different people, including women, children and the disabled, the group that benefits the most from these benefits, in many cases, is seniors.

When seniors reach retirement age or they have a spouse pass away, they can begin collecting Social Security benefits. However, getting to know the requirements of these benefits, as well as the process of acquiring them is essential. Social Security is not an automatic benefit program and, as a result, many people need help or assistance to receive the benefits they deserve.

The first step is to find the Social Security office serving the city of Naples.

Location of Social Security Offices in Naples

There is one Social Security office in the Naples area, which is located at Suite 1114, 2659 Professional Circle. This office provides residents with services including replacement of a damaged or lost Social Security card, applications for benefits, and ability to file a claim if benefits are denied or not received.

Since there is only one office in the actual Naples community, there are some residents who find it more convenient to visit a nearby office. Some of the closest Social Security offices to Naples, include:

Fort Myers Social Security Office at First Floor Suite 101, 3650 Colonial Blvd Venice Social Security Office at 114, 1435 E Venice Ave Port Charlotte Social Security Office at Suite 200, 1600 Tamiami Trail

Options for Seniors Seeking Social Security Benefits

When a senior in Naples begins the process of applying for benefits, they will quickly discover there are more than a few options to utilize.

One program, Old-Age Survivors, and Disability Insurance (OASDI), is the program that most people utilize. It provides payments to seniors who paid into Social Security during their working years. If the person passes away, then their benefits are passed on to their surviving spouse.

Another program that many seniors find beneficial is Ticket to Work. This program, which is funded by the Social Security Administration, helps seniors get back to work. It is a free and completely voluntary program.

Other services that seniors may be able to utilize offered by the SSA include:

Assistance with housing Assistance for energy costs and utilities Assistance for nutrition and meals Benefits for veterans

Online Resources from the Social Security Administration

For seniors who simply don’t want to leave their house and go to the Social Security office in Naples, they can use the numerous online services that are available.

Creating a personal account with the SSA will allow seniors to see what they have paid into the system, look into when their benefits are going to be dispersed, and even view the process of their application.

Other services that can be handled online with the SSA include applying for benefits, ordering a new card, and appealing decisions made regarding benefits.

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