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Naples Veterans Support Groups

Naples, Florida is home to thousands of veterans. There are 1.8 million in all of Florida. Each one of them can receive assistance and guidance through a number of veterans’ support services in the area. Education, employment, and housing are three of the most commonly needed services for veterans. Additional needs include health care and counseling. All options are available, whether it is from a local resource or a statewide agency.

Veteran Resources in Naples

The Naples Vet Center is a local resource where veterans can go to receive assistance. The center is open Monday through Friday, and the first Saturday of each month. It is located on Horseshoe Drive in Suite 204. Vets can go in at 7 each morning to receive required services. Most days, the center is open until at least 6 pm., sometimes 6:30. You can contact the center at 239-403-2377 in order to ask questions by phone instead of in person.

The Naples Community Based Outpatient Clinic is located in Suite 101 on Horseshoe Drive. It can be reached at 239-659-9188. This clinic offers primary care services, as well as mental healthcare, women’s healthcare, EKG service, and nutrition counseling.

Naples Equestrian Challenge: Operation Strides is a therapeutic program tailored to veterans. The program works to assist vets suffering from PTSD or other health issues. An equine specialist works with each vet as they work with their given horse. The relationship between veteran and horse helps to foster bonds, improve social skills, and process emotions. The program begins with non-riding activities, and eventually leads to horseback riding.

Veterans Statewide Resources

The Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs offers a number of helpful resources. There is a crisis hotline that can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. Press 1 to receive assistance. There are also a number of employment services listed on the veterans’ affairs website, ranging from small businesses owned by veterans to a retraining assistance program.

The Florida Department of Management Services includes an Office of Supplier Diversity. This specialized team focuses on small businesses that owned by veterans, women, and minorities. It provides them with additional opportunities that they otherwise may not receive. This includes assistance with certifications, increase in community outreach, supporting other local businesses that support veterans, and providing education.

Recognition of Veterans in Naples

Many businesses observe Veteran’s Day in an effort to recognize the efforts of those who have died fighting for our country. The City Hall in Maples is closed on November 11th in order to observe the day. Many businesses that remain open free meals and discounts to veterans with a valid photo ID.

The Collier County Veterans Council was enacted in order to perform military functions. This includes honoring all past and present veterans on days like Memorial Day, Veterans’ Day, Flag Day, and 4th of July. They also attend the funerals of fallen soldiers and perform the necessary duties. The council is devoted to providing services and assistance to all veterans in the area.

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