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Naples Senior Realtors

The act of finding a new home can be difficult for anyone, especially a person that has lived in the same location for several years. It is almost always inevitable that seniors will need to move to a smaller home that is better suited to their needs. Living in a large house with too much space to manage is far worse than finding a cozy home that you can call your own. The help of a senior realtor in Naples can make the process easier to manage.

Who Qualifies as a Senior Realtor?

Realtors who go on to earn the Seniors Real Estate Specialist qualification are those who qualify as a senior realtor. This designation indicates that the agent spent time taking a two-day course, and passed the examination that was offered afterward. They went through the process of earning the title in order to best be prepared for any senior clients that needed assistance.

Any realtor looking to earn this qualification can search for a course in their area, or head online to take the virtual option. The total course duration is 12 hours, and must be completed in full in order to have access to the examination that accompanies it. It costs $295 to take the online course.

Who Do Senior Real Estate Specialists Serve?

SRES professionals serve those who are at least 50 years of age, and typically older. They commonly work with people who are retired and looking to find a new, smaller place to call home. They also help those who need long-term care find an affordable assisted living facility. The process typically begins with selling the house you currently live in, in order to afford the next one.

When is the Right Time to Find a Senior Realtor?

As soon as you are ready to sell, you should find a senior realtor in the area who can help. Someone with an SRES designation will be more sensitive to your emotional ties to your home, and will not try to rush you through the process. You can work with them in any capacity that you desire, whether it is simply having them sell your home, finding you a new place to live, or discussing contractor work and home renovations that will make your own home easier for you to live in. This could include installing a safety grab bar in the bathroom or adding wheelchair accessibility.

Where to Find a Senior Realtor in Naples?

You have the ability to search through the Certified Senior Housing Professional directory. Designated agents with this certification are all listed in this database. You can scroll through the website to find your state name in order to determine which agents are available in the area. There are 11 different agents available in the state of Florida.

The “Find an SRES” tool allows you to search by zip code or city and state. Type Naples into the city box and select Florida from the drop down list in order to bring up a list of available agents. A large number of agents are available in the state.

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