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Naples Respite Care and Adult Day Care

As seniors age, they often need some assistance with daily care in order to continue to live independently. This is the time that many families step in and lend a helping hand. Usually, that step is needed and welcomed by the senior.

As the senior’s needs increase due to deteriorating physical and mental health, family caregivers struggle with how to balance their own needs and lives with caring for their loved ones. Many families find help by taking their aging family member to an adult day care center, where they know that their loved one will be safe and appropriately cared for. This allows the caregiver to work, spend time with other family members, perform their own errands, and take care of him or herself.

Seniors benefit equally as they are able to get their needs met in an environment that allows them to socialize with other adults.

Interviewing and Finding Adult Day Care or Respite Programs

When families are not able to perform senior caregiving directly, they need assurance that the person they care for is getting appropriate care and that their physical, medical, social, and emotional needs are being met. Families find that assurance by visiting the programs in person, watching the programs in action, and getting to know the staff.

The Florida Adult Day Services Association provides a checklist of questions for families to use as a guide to finding the right adult day program for their beloved senior. Once families gain a feel for the types of programs and services they need, they can get started in finding the most appropriate program. Contact information for the program is:

Florida Adult Day Services Association

5200 NW 43rd St. #102 PBM-310

Gainesville, FL 32606

(877) 745-1440

Safety of Adult Day Care Centers in Naples

The Agency for Health Care Administrators Assisted Living Unit protects seniors who attend adult care centers by licensing them and inspecting them for health and safety concerns. While the state does its part to make sure that facilities and programs provide quality care, family members must do their due diligence to make sure that their seniors are safe and appropriately cared for.

How Adult Day Care Facilities Operate

Generally, adult day care centers are open Monday through Friday from early morning until early evening. Programs may be held in a stand-alone building or as part of a senior center, nursing facility, religious senior programs, hospital, or school program.

Qualified staff and medical staff offer services such as monitoring medications, physical therapy, occupational therapy, counseling, and brain enrichment activities. Programs include nutritious hot meals and snacks and may also provide transportation to and from the facility.

Many of the programs provide activities such as exercise, yoga, art, music, and balance improvement, cooking, or gardening. Many seniors realize improved health in adult day care programs. This is because they get the chance to socialize with others and they don’t feel so isolated and alone. The result is improved self-esteem, increased independence, and greater confidence in their abilities.

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