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Naples Rehab Centers

We often think that once someone moves into a nursing home, they are there permanently. Yet, around a third of nursing home residents in any given year are there for short-term rehab and will go home when they are done. You or your loved one may be among the short-term nursing home tenants if you ever need skilled nursing care or daily therapy after a surgery, heart attack, illness, stroke, or accident. To prepare you for this possibility, here is information about Medicare coverage rules, what to expect when your doctor prescribes rehabilitation, and what to look for in a rehab center.

What Services Are Provided in Rehab?

Also referred to as post-acute rehab, short-term rehab, or transitional rehab, there is one goal shared by all rehab services: to get your or your family member healthy enough to leave. It starts with an assessment of your condition and needs. Your daily care plan is created by your rehab team based on this information.

Your needs will guide the creation of your care plan. For example, stroke survivors will require treatment for impaired balance or muscle control and cognitive therapy along with speech therapy to recover speaking abilities. Knee and hip replacement patients will focus on post-operative pain management, balance, strength, and range of motion. Rehab patients get services five to seven days per week depending on when therapists are available.

Where Do You Go for Rehab?

Many Naples nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer rehab care. For instance, three of the Naples senior facilities with the best ratings on supply rehabilitation:

HarborChase of Naples has two full-equipped rehabilitation rooms, and they provide a comprehensive short-term “Rehab to Home” program to get you back on your feet.

Lely Palms of Naples has a 28-acre campus that covers all of the stops in the continuum of care from independent living to skilled nursing and rehabilitation.

Glenview at Pelican Bay offers rehab with a focus on customized programs to help patients recover their ability to perform activities of daily living, physical strength, and speech skills.

You may be able to get recommendations for rehab placements from your hospital social workers, physician, or your geriatrician. You can also talk to your friends or neighbors who have already been through the same experience or read the online reviews left by patients and their loved ones.

How Do You Choose a Rehabilitation Facility?

Just like with any other senior living facility, the ideal rehab center has a good track record when it comes to state inspections, a clean and well-kept setting, a friendly atmosphere, and an excellent reputation among staffers, patients, and family members. You should also ensure that the facility is Medicare or Medicaid certified.

How Is Rehab Paid for?

Medicare will cover short-term rehab and other skilled nursing services when you meet all of the following:

Have a physician’s orders of reasonable and necessary skilled rehabilitation services.

Require rehab services at least five times a week that can only be offered in an inpatient setting.

Your Medicare Part A coverage benefit period still has days left.

Choose a Medicare-certified rehab facility.

Were treated for a condition that requires rehab in a hospital for at least three consecutive days on an inpatient basis.

If you do not qualify for Medicare coverage, you still may be able to use long-term care insurance or Medicaid benefits to pay for rehabilitation.

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