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As one of the most popular states to retire in, Florida is a beautiful place full of warm weather, beautiful beaches, and great activities – but it comes at a price. If you want to ensure you have the necessary cash to retire comfortably in Naples, Florida, you will need to properly plan your finances. The best way to do this is with the help of a Certified Financial Advisor.

A financial advisor can help you create budgets, manage your investments, and ensure you have the best insurance policies to protect yourself and your assets. With all the right financial pieces in place, your retirement to Naples, Florida will run much more smoothly.

When should you start looking for a financial advisor?

A financial advisor can serve different purposes all throughout life, so it is never too late or too early to search for a great financial partner. Depending on your investing or saving habits, a financial advisor may be necessary sooner.

After you find a financial advisor that you can trust and enjoy working with, you should meet with them at least once a year to discuss your financial portfolio and investments. Additional meetings may be necessary if you undergo major life changes, including marriages, divorces, moving houses, or purchasing other large items.

Where should you look for a financial advisor?

Since a financial advisor will work closely with your money, you will only want to work with someone who is certified, trustworthy, and reliable. If you want a financial advisor that you will enjoy working with, be sure that you want to retrieve your referral from a reliable and credible place.

The Certified Financial Planning Board of Standards allows you to search for a financial advisor through a number of different criteria. Whether you’re looking for a specialist in estate planning, long-term care, or even healthcare planning, you can use the CFP website to find exactly the advisor in your area that you need.

Another reliable source for financial advisors is the Better Business Bureau. To be listed among the BBB-accredited financial advisors on the BBB website, the consultants must meet predetermined requirements and standards.

Finally, ask friends and family members if they have any financial advisors that they would recommend. Although each individual will be looking for something different, a point of reference can help steer you in a trustworthy direction.

What should you look for in selecting a financial advisor?

When determining which financial advisor you should work with, there are a few things you will want to consider. As an overview of things to cover before settling on a financial planning consultant to work with, here are the three main points:

Do they have the right credentials? - The CFP Board’s website allows you to check the credentials of any financial advisor you may be considering working with. In addition to checking for their certification, you will also want to see if they have filed for bankruptcy.

How do they get paid? - The payment process will look different for each financial advisor, depending on the areas they focus in. For individuals who focus on investment management, they will typically be paid on a fee-based model. Commission plans are common for insurance products and policies. If the financial advisor you select does both, they may get paid through a fee and commission-based model.

Do they offer individualized service? - Your financial situation will not look the same as your neighbors. For a personalized experience, ensure that the financial advisor you select listens to your needs and ideas.

Consider what you want out of a financial advisor and search for it. Once you make the right connection, everything will fall into place.

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