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Naples Family Caregiver Benefits

When a loved one becomes seriously ill, it can come as a shock to family members. Learning that their time together is limited encourages family members to step up and provide more care and attention to their loved ones. Family caregivers soon learn how exhausting it can be to provide 24-hour care for someone they love. Caregivers will find that being willing to receive even a little bit of help goes a long way towards helping them ease their own emotional pain. Getting respite and assistance also helps them maintain the physical strength to continue giving care. Fortunately, there are programs to help the caregivers, as well as the patients.

Area Agency on Aging for Southwest Florida has an elder helpline that caregivers can call to find out about public and private resources to help care for an individual over the age of 60. The agency administers the National Family Caregiver Support Program to support services in area senior centers. Family caregivers can use the senior centers for adult day care and respite. Many of the senior centers also have programs for caregiver education and support groups.

Collier Senior Resources partners with local agencies and non-profit agencies to provide services for seniors and those who care for them. Collier Senior Resources hosts an Annual Conference on Aging for seniors and their family members where they can take educational workshops on eldercare and network with eldercare providers. The agency offers a special resource center for caregivers. They also sponsor more than 30 support groups each month. Loved ones may accompany caregivers and spend time in a special care room during the support meetings. Caregivers can receive help and information with the 24-hour helpline.Collier Senior Resources also partners with the Collier County Sheriff’s Office for the Wanderer Identification Program.

Alzheimer’s Support Network offers support and education for caregivers that care for family members living with Alzheimer’s disease and other symptoms of dementia. They offer virtual family meetings, the Wanderer’s Identification Program, educational videos, and much more.

Easter Seals of Florida, Inc. serves many populations including seniors. They offer senior case management, caregiver assistance, caregiver support and will respond to personal emergencies. They provide an adult day care program to give senior caregivers some respite.

Parkinson Association of Southwest Florida is an organization that helps seniors living with Parkinson’s disease and their caregivers. The organization offers a full schedule of exercise classes for people with Parkinson’s disease. They also offer several weekly support groups for senior caregivers. Seniors, caregivers, and family members and friends have the opportunity to attend several fundraising events including an annual golf tournament, fashion show, walk, and a dinner. Members have access to special news reports, book reports, and an informative newsletter. The website also includes links to informative articles on Parkinson’s disease.

Assisting Hands Home Care helps senior caregivers with non-medical care. Seniors and their caregivers can get help with fall prevention education, personal care and grooming, meal preparation, grocery shopping, errands, light housekeeping, companionship, personal emergency response, transportation, laundry, medication reminders, pet care, mail, recreational activities, respite, mobility, and more.

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