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Naples End-Of-Life Care

Patients suffering from health conditions that are far too severe to hope that a patient can survive often go for hospice care. Hospice care is the medical, emotional, and spiritual care given to someone towards the final weeks or months of their life, to make sure they have no pain, they make peace with their maker, and that friends and family surround them.

Most patients prefer spending this period of their lives at home, an option provided by hospice care providers, although there are those patients who do not mind spending their time in the hospital or a hospice care institution. A team of doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, therapists, social workers, the clergy, and close friends and family come together to make the hospice treatment possible.

Patients who undergo hospice treatment live long and according to the National Association for Homecare & Hospice, they end up being less depressed and have a better quality of life compared to those who do not go through this care.

What To Look For In Hospice Care

Just like in a hospital, hospice care providers should be genuinely concerned with everything the patient is going through, and the caregivers ought to show a very high level of compassion, professionalism, and dependability. Make sure to look for hospice care providers who have the relevant licensing and certifications from the Florida Department of Elder Affairs or the Community Health Accreditation Partner, and check the online reviews of past and present clients to see if anything negative or positive stands out about the hospice.

What Is The Cost Of Hospice Care In Naples, And How Can You Pay For It?

Hospice care is one of the best things you can do for a loved one, but it can get quite expensive over an extended period. You can expect to pay anywhere between $2000 and $6000 every month, a cost that depends on some factors. With in-depth research, you can always find a hospice that provides exactly what you want at a price you find affordable.

Seniors who qualify for Medicare Part A coverage can pay for their hospice care using their Medicare Hospice Benefit, a benefit that will make clearing the bills easy. Most private insurance companies cover hospice care, so a patient with private insurance will hardly worry about the bills. Patients who have neither Medicare Part A coverage nor private insurance can work out a payment plan with the hospice where the family can pay over a period.

Leading Hospice Care Providers In Naples

Naples has many hospice care providers, most of which offer outstanding services. You can visit for the highest rated hospices in Naples, some of which include Barrington Terrace of Naples, Lely Palms of Naples, and Terracina Grand.

If you have friends or neighbors who had or continue to receive excellent services in a hospice, ask them for referrals and look up the hospices. Make sure that the hospice you settle for offers you the option of receiving care from a healthcare institution as well as from home.

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