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Naples Concierge Services

Florida is home away from home for many seniors and vacationers during the snowy northern winters. Many homeowners rely on concierge services to care for their Florida summer homes when they return north for part of the year. Concierge companies in Florida are also responding to the needs of the large numbers of seniors in Naples that need help all year round with services that they can’t do themselves, like getting groceries, buying gifts, house cleaning and more. Here are some services that help.

Pet Concierge is a service that will walk dogs, clean up waste, administer medications, give feedings, and perform minor grooming services. The service will provide one-time or ongoing services.

Spectrum Concierge provides customized home management services throughout the year. They will run errands, provide transportation, and do cleaning. They will take care of shipping and receiving packages.

At Your Service Concierge focuses on the needs of senior clients. They provide services for shopping, event planning, running errands, organizing, and administrative work. This service also helps organize and declutter homes. The owner will also help with smaller issues like helping to program DVD players, television remotes, and operate a cell phone.

Just Like Family Concierge operates primarily as a fleet service, so they provide transportation for special events and to the airport. They will also run errands, do the grocery shopping, transport seniors to doctor and medical appointments, and take them for grooming and spa appointments.

Naples Errand Runners provides grocery shopping, delivery, personal shopping, pet transportation, courier deliveries, gift wrapping, transportation, and more. They will also drop off and pick up prescriptions and provide transportation to the airport.

Assisting Hands Home Care is a certified home care provider and has won several awards for Best of Care. They specialize in senior care services including senior in-home care, elderly care services, personal care and companion services, coordination of care, and they will set up the medical alert emergency system. The service offers respite for family caregivers. They will also help with legal and financial matters such as reverse mortgages, advanced directives, power of attorney assignment, estate planning, and Medicare benefits, Medicaid waivers, and senior social events.

Errand Family offers caregiver assistance by doing some of the caregiving tasks for them. Workers will come into the senior’s home and take care of laundry, ironing, mailing items, grocery shopping, delivering groceries, putting groceries away, gift wrapping, shopping and delivering gifts, and doing household chores. They will also pack or unpack a car or the home, do check-ins, and make runs to the pharmacy.

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